Now THIS is Podracing!

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lengelmp 1126

Why not make a theme work? I fully intend to take this to a store championship this weekend. Is it good? no. is it fun? Hell yeah it is! Basically, get a podracer, win the boonta eve then spend your winnings on a shiny new hailfire droid or pirate speeder! It's fun. It's funny. And Destiny is a game. If you wanna play a deck that will make you and your opponent laugh try this one out.


the BEAST 1020

Thanks for trying your own builds! It does look like a ton of fun. I might try this after I’m done with my Snoke/Grievous...Nice deck! I’d like to see a XS Stock Light Freighter in there to go with Sebulba - Cutthroat Podracer’s ability.

rogue6548 38

Nice one. If I was playing Sebulba, I'd chuck in Sebulba Always Wins. You can use Sebulba - Cutthroat Podracer's special to place a resource on any of your opponent's supports, then play Sebulba Always Wins to discard it. Good way to get rid of vehicles/It Binds All Things

lengelmp 1126

@the BEASTI don't really like the Stock Freighter because it is so slow to get any benefit out of it but that it is a really good idea, I didn't really think of that! Might give it a shot! @rogue6548that's a really good idea, I never thought to use Sebulba like that

jrmcnz 1

`@lengelmp I don't see any way for you to use Sebulba's power in this deck?

lengelmp 1126

@jrmcnz He speeds up the Boonta Eve Plot. It's not super competitive but it's fun. I win the classic, get the money then drop one of my bigger vehicles.