eDooku2/eTalzin CONTROL CONTROL CONTROL #RoadtoWorlds2019

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behindthedice 369

Comments and suggestions always welcome!

This deck is very cut to the chase. Roll out Count Dooku - Darth Tyranus and Mother Talzin - Nightsister Matriarch, control their dice, do damage. Hard mulligan for an Ancient Lightsaber, mainly to get one of the two even costed cards in your hand. This deck is full of dice removal as well. Dark Ritual and Witch Magick for "healing". Become One and Maul's Lightsaber can be an interesting combo! Outer Rim Outpost - Nal Hutta for resources. I know this was a quick description, but this seems like its going to be a nasty pair!




cjnj193 189

No Crystal Ball? Thats the only way to reliably play Bardottan Sphere without milling yourself to death.

behindthedice 369

@cjnj193 im debating it. I wanna see which is more effective.

Hessian Sack 587

@behindthedice I don't think Fifth Brother's Lightsaber will be worth the three resources. I would drop one Dark Ritual and the Fifth Brother's Lightsaber for 2 Crystal Ball.

irishpants 1

I'm building something similar...I like Dagger of Mortis over Maul's or Fifth Brother's lightsaber in this deck for the redeploy.

Shayde 1

Why bother with Crystal Ball? The deck has 2 even cards.

Happy Jedi 10

To control opponents dice, and to be able to see their deck.

Hessian Sack 587

Crystal Ball has two focus sides, two resource sides, and an amazing ability when used with Mother Talzin. There's a few reasons to use it @Shayde.