M-M-Mother May I

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KingOfOdonata 56

Untest build for a Mother Talzin/DJ Trilogies deck. Straight forward concepts of Odd-costed cards for Talzin and plenty of removal for DJ. The only even costed cardS are Force Fear, which should work wonders with DJ-they take damage no matter they choose, and Entangle.

Short explanation of card choices: Battlefield and Plot-Die removal and Shield. No other worthwhile 2 cost plot at the moment. Though, getting the Taking Ground +2 to choose Battlefield could be worth it to make sure Rift Valley is on the table.

Upgrades-6 total cheap 1-cost upgrades to get dice on the table, as well as provide resources to pay all of the events. They could also be overwrote for the two stronger upgrades like Force Fear and Canto Bight Pistol.

Support-Slave I for a bit more damage and die control. Streetwise for the discount on a possible 10 yellow events, which maybe be more than necessary.

Events-I don't want to explain most of the events since it's obvious. 12 die removal cards for both control and to trigger DJ. Free-For-All is a game-ender and makes use of the weaker upgrade dice late game. Vandalize is to deal with problematic upgrades/supports.

So, this is my current, untested list. I'd love to have some feedback and guidance. I think there is a team here worth exploring.


stranglebat 776

Id take The Force is With Me or By Any Means over Risky Move.

Given the amount of fixing in trilogy (Recon, Alter, etc.) giving them ambush could really blow you out.

Jacksuhn 1

Entangle is also an even cost card. Still, 4 evens in a Talzin deck is solid. I'm with @stranglebat on getting rid of Risky.

KingOfOdonata 56

@Jacksuhn Yep, I overlooked that. Still seems worth playing. I'd rather Talzin misfire once and remove two dice+2 Indirect than not have it.

I'm going to drop Risky Move and probably go back to By Any Means as was in my original build.

Scactha 850

Nice concept. Am trying and really liking DJ/Phasma myself, but this pair looks neat too. On particular cards I really like Under Attack with DJ. It’s like a Free-For-All + Crash Landing rolled into one.