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Rey2/Luke3 - 2nd place Warboar SC 0 0 0 1.0

AlienInMyKitchen 59

The strategy is to be defensive early, keep progressing upgrades, then hit like a truck. Don't always use Luke's shields as damage; this is not an aggressive deck. Plan on surviving first couple of turns and let them waste all the dice mitigation. Then once you have enough upgrades take out characters with one or two shots, as they will run out of mitigation and will have not done enough damage to you to survive all the blue upgrades at this point.

Damage dice: 10 cards

Makashi Training on Luke, then power action over to Rey is nice early game to get the die twice in a round. Also can serve as removal if needed. Mulligan for these early.

The rest of the upgrade kit is self explanatory. Can swap Rey's Lightsaber for Ancient Lightsaber, but i prefer the shields now because of Riposte, rey's ability, and redeploy.

Defense: 10 cards

Shields: Caution, Loth-Wolf Bond, Force Illusion

Die removal: Force Misdirection, Guard, Pacify -most removal is 0 because resources will generally go towards upgrades. just remove enough to stay alive for first 2 turns or to stop a killing blow, otherwise let them bump into shields

Offense: 10 cards

Damage Events: Synchronicity, Riposte - bread and butter

Dice manipulation: Concentrate - these are clutch after they run out of mitigation

Hand removal: Close Quarters Assault - wipe their hand clean late game

Economy: It Binds All Things

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