Fast Fungans

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Bombad General 13 9 7 1.0
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nonameface 66

The idea of this version was the take some of the strengths from Bombad General and mix in some yellow with Jar Jar.

I kept the 'fast' cards like Wingman, Hit and Run, and Squad Tactics to help us claim sometimes (except against the fastest of decks)

But I removed Drop Zone and Planetary Uprising, I realize both of these are meant as damage but I felt that Drop Zone was too slow and caused me to miss a few claims. Planetary Uprising is better and you can put it back in if you want but its expensive when you're paying for removal and healing trying to keep Boss Nass - Bombastic Ruler alive.

I added some survivability to the deck with Diplomatic Protection and First Aid, and we could add Field Medic too if needed or change the battlefield for Otoh Gunga - Naboo.

We have a small and basic removal package in Easy Pickings, Loth-Cat and Mouse, and Blaze of Glory. Make sure you overkill a Gungan Warrior (ideally with a Diplomatic Protection) when using Blaze of Glory, you want to make sure you get the value out of it while keeping the heat off Boss Nass - Bombastic Ruler. Feel free to substitute something for Blaze of Glory such as another Into The Garbage Chute or Flank if killing your own guys makes you uneasy.

I'm undecided on the supports I put in here, I prefer Runaway Boomas usually as I find 3 easier to play than 4 and you can use that extra 1 to power action in a another Runaway Boomas dice. I want to give the Gungan Catapult a good try though and its ability could come in handy if you hit a blank or a pay side you can't afford.

Most of our stuff is very cheap, no high money events. We have Logistics and Motivate (if needed) for resource generation. with all of the free events be very careful against mill or you will mill yourself for them.

Cards I'm unsure about:
Gungan Catapult -- expensive
Vibroknife -- no redeploy
Blaze of Glory -- Maybe Into The Garbage Chute is better. No one likes killing their own guys. but Blaze of Glory can save you from a 4 or more dice god roll as well. Its a toss up here.


Razelll 238

I really like Blaze of Glory of glory in my Gungan deck. I run Maz's Vault and Aftermath for generation. I would replace Vibroknife with Mortar Team, or Lookout Post if you actually claim the battlefield.

nonameface 66

I had Mortar Team in my first iteration of this (and Lookout Post). Mortar team was very consistent but I was afraid that too many supports would ruin the 'fast'(er than most 4 wide) part of the deck.

Replacing Logistics with Aftermath is a reasonable substitution. Logistics is getting you at most, 1 per from your hand. while aftermath would reasonably get you 3 per game (1 of their characters in a 2 wide, you 2 of yours). And if it doesn't you won anyway probably (not against mill, but playing either from your hand probably isn't worth it vs a mill deck). I like that change a lot.

I'm always so torn on Maz's Vault. It feels bad playing it to me -- I dont want to enable my opponents ramp and turn on their mitigation. I'll test it out in this deck.

Thanks for the suggestions!

ejhopkins 119

Negotiate Could find a place here alongside Into The Garbage Chute as pretty cheap removal. Since this deck is sort of built around not likely being able to resolve all the character dice; it could find new life in a deck like this. Removing 1 to remove 2 of an opponents (even if it's their choice) seems like a pretty good deal. It's especially good when their dice pool is only 2 or 3 dice.