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brennanmcgee 285

2nd Place in two separate store championships, one with 11 players, and another with 15.


brennanmcgee 285

In each tournament the only deck I lost to was Papercuts played by aasen, the creator of the deck. Beat Cad Snoke, Snoke Thrawn, Luke3 Rey, Cassian Yoda Mill, etc.

aasenb 666

Can confirm, this deck kicked me in the dick. 5/7 would mill again.

Vitalogy1010 154

Why no Motivate or Commando Raid?

brennanmcgee 285

@Vitalogy10 my original build had those in, but because Leia is first target 95% of the time, it ends up being a dead card. And tbh, I never have issues discarding from their hand. I’ve considered a 1 of for Motivate, but commando raid never saw much value.

revroehrig 1

@brennanmcgee I love the Flames of the past! That feels super clutch! The idea that you could discard an ancient and then pull it from their character seems super strong! Love the build.How do you feel about Krayt. Did people discard or remove?

brennanmcgee 285

@revroehrig it’s proved to be a great tool. As long as I use Krayt on a dice that’s 2 or higher, they typically will remove. Sometimes they Mill, but not often.

JediConsular4hire 66

@brennanmcgee Seems like a good deck. Ever since I pulled 2 Leia Organa - Heart of the Resistance after opening a total of just 12 packs (separate occasions) I’ve been thinking of the best way to use her.

What do you think about trading Field Medic for First Aid. As long as your opponent is targeting Leia, it’s essentially the same card but better. Why not use 2 Commando Raid? That is an excellent card on Leia’s die.

Also, I have discovered Strike Briefing is an excellent card for mill. I’m not sure if it is superior to other options, but I really like the ability to dig through your opponents next draw cards and then get rid of one of them, at no cost.

brennanmcgee 285

@JediConsular4hire Okay so here is my reasoning on all those cards. I didn’t include First Aid over Field Medic because if they are able to kill Leia before I pull it, then it’s a dead card, and can’t be used to keep Yoda alive. Also, after round 1, it’s the same amount of healing, but with stipulations.

Commando Raid was left out for the same reason, I didn’t want it to be a dead card when Leia dies. I typically have no issue disrupting their hand, and instead chose to go for more control/mitigation. Typically Leia only survives 3 rounds, at best, but at that point my board state looks so good, I can stay alive and close with Yoda.

I’m not sure if you calculate the EV (estimated value) of cards, but that’s why I didnt include Strike Briefing. You’re giving up 1 card to mill 1 card, so the value equals out, to me, it didn’t make the cut. Because you only have 2 characters, control/mitigation is huge, so events that barely help mill aren’t worth it. Leia and Yoda have no issue milling on their own.

Also worth noting, I feel many people misuse Yoda’s specials. As far as what I resolve, my priority goes like this:


After I get a chance Cube out, this is my order:


Fathercheese 1

I was curious why you run 2 chance cubes and 2 C3P0? If it is for more than resource collection, I would like to know how you play them. I like dragon howl, but would you consider replacing it with a card that guarantees the dice removal, instead of just a chance of it? This is a great deck, and very original, nice job!