CTR Store Championship 2nd Place

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Aqajj 21

Went 4-1 in swiss rounds. In semi-finals 2-0 against Cad/Snoke but lost 0-2 to Luke3/Rey2 in the finals.


Schmitty 14

that is alot of one-ofs. Is there a reason for that, or is this simply what you had on you? Either way, congrats on the high ranking!

Aqajj 21

This is the first deck that I have built and mapped out the resource curves purposes of cards. 80% of the reason for the one-ofs is that I was working within my means. I had only cards from mostly starter sets and a few older cards that aren’t expensive that I can get easily from more experienced players that don’t want them. A couple of the cards though are one-ofs but they provide the same effect with slight variations. I have been slowly changing cards in the deck to be a couple of two copies of the card, for example backup muscle I now have 2 of.