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Leddon75 139


GandalfsHat 11

Be careful with this deck, note you have to PLAY the last card in your hand, pitching it for re-rolls or having it milled doesn't work, meaning you need the resources and the dice in order to play it. I love this idea, but it requires a lot of careful piloting. Devastating turn to turn, 4 resources at the end is nothing to sneeze at. Though why two Millennium Falcons ? is it that integral to the functioning of this deck?

Leddon75 139

Falcon is mvp of the deck, 3 damage, 4 damage and special that can play bravado, easy pickings or closing the deal for free is nice. Didn't thought about the Play a card nor my opponents.. It makes it a Lot less strong. Sadly :) But still very fun to play.