New deck: Villain

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CupidStunt 7

thats a pretty sweet idea, first thing right off the bat without looking into it too much is , i would run at least one if not two Pirate Speeder Tank because of the extra resource gain and its and pretty useful card to help with the final push taking out characters, if you want to keep arms deal (which i would) i would make it 2 of, and run more weapons to get both more resource gain and weapons in your discard to play out, also maybe Truce if you test and notice your short resources occasional you could run Truce so that you can play the big cards as soon as you can, imagine two truces and a speedertank in opening hand and just throwing that into play then next turn arms deal into a couple equipments for your guys , i would also consider different battlefields depending on changes and seeing how they work for you

Darth Good Times 2

Ha, thanks man. This deck is aggro and speed tanker (ironically) would slow it down a lot. I've been playing it for the last week and will bring it to a tournament tomorrow. Ideally, I can get 3 - 4 weapons out on T1 depending on my rolls. I stick to one arms deal so if it gets to late game I have a good way to gain resources for mitigation and for discard. Truce would be good but that's what quickdraw/ Ambush is for to burst a character.

Thanks for your suggestions!