eCassian/ePoe- Rebellious Gentlemen #RoadtoWorlds2019

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Very strait forward deck here! Poe Dameron - More Than A Pilot has been a solid character with good dice sides since he came out, and we all know how nuts Cassian Andor - Rebellion Operative can be..... Nice balance of dice control/removal (Defensive Position, Easy Pickings, Electroshock ), healing (Field Medic, First Aid, Second Chance ), action cheating (Quick Draw, Fast Hands, Holdout Blaster, X-8 Night Sniper ), resource generation (Truce, Logistics ), and don't forget the redeploys! Citadel Landing Zone - Scarif works well with this deck, especially if you get a crappy Cassian roll. Besides action cheating, there really are not many shenanigans with this deck. Hope you enjoy!

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