The Deadly Podracer

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Turner 16

Ever since WotF was released, I've been hoping to find a decent use for Sebulba - Cutthroat Podracer. Most attempts have been met with poor results.

Pairing him with Aurra Sing - Deadly Shot as a mono yellow aggro deck has been fairly consistent in its wins so far. Aurra Sing does the heavy lifting here. This deck has not been play tested in a competitive environment yet Unsure how it would do against Mill, as you do a lot of self discarding for damage..

Play Deadly on Sebulba - Cutthroat Podracer to get some use out of his non damage sides. Claim Sith Temple - Malachor around his non damage facing sides as well. Place any Redeploy weapons on Aurra Sing - Deadly Shot, as she will more than likely be the enemies main target.

Any feedback is welcomed.

(I tried Sebulba Always Wins, but have taken it out due to the amount I don't play it)

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