Sabine's not dead (German Nationals Top 8, 48 participants)

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ArgusDeadeye 54

After several requests, here's my wife's deck for the German Nationals. She went 4:2 in Swiss and lost in Top 8 cut against the tournament's runner up Tobias Winter.


Bminny 14

Why Hera?

Kriesha 4

Highest health 9- cost unique red on hero side. Good for leadership.

lev 27

The deck performed impressively and Michele played flawlessly. Congrats on the run from her top16 victim :)

ArgusDeadeye 54

My bad, forget about the 2 long con, that should be 2 Grand Entrance.

Sinomi 285

Nicely done! I love the Leadership play in here.

RebelTraitor 116

why no dh-17? I know it's a nonbo with sabine, but it still seems pretty good.

SirProyo 1

Why Field Medic and not First Aid?

jddykstralegacies2 1

SirProyo, they use Field Medic to heal Sabine. First Aid wouldn't be able to heal Sabine.

ArgusDeadeye 54

As other commentators mentioned, the deck is absolutely focussed on Sabine. So First Aid wouldn't help keeping her alive like Field Medic does. DH-17 Blaster Pistol doesn't work with her ability either. Hera only job is to use Leadership or to Impersonate as Sabine.

Ramin2-D2 543

surprised not to see Retreat on the list

vitalis09 330

No NtmtO?! o.o

Vitalogy1010 203

Opinions! Lol @ArgusDeadeyeI built this and it wrecks. The upgrade and support sweet is perfect. I toyed with the removal. Loth Cat I like because I rarely used Hera's dice. Grand Entrance is absolutely beautiful. I cut to one Leadership and added a Rigged Detonation for a little spice after a Hasty Exit. I don't know why Moisture Farm over Outer Rim Outpost, but I stuck with it because it is different. Congrats on the Top 8!

Vitalogy1010 203

And Impersonate > Field Medic by a mile. You ever see someone's face after you shift 8 damage from Sabine?

Vitalogy1010 203

Scratch that about Moisture Farm. Wrong deck.

RebelTraitor 116

I think I want to try this out with Boss nass for the extra damage output