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None. Self-made deck here.
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Snoke Thrawn - The Moff 0 0 1 1.0

Artificery 1993

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dpuck1998 46

Love this, I've really been hammering away with Thrawn/Snoke and messing with options. Grand Moff might be the boost I needed.

Ozmodon 1

I'm surprised that more people haven't used Grand Moff with Jedi Temple. It really is a busted combo. I would use Planetary Bombardment. You are stripping all their cards so they can't stop you.

Mr_Chip 58

My spider-sense tells me that the ban hammer will be dropped on this in the very near future. The Moff is legit and the combo is SICK nasty. This might just be the worst NPE in the current meta, however. Have you had a lot of table flips on TTS? Thanks for sharing this list!

Balance of the Force: Snoke +1 to 14.

Ozmodon 1

I don't want them to keep upping character costs. It's just not good for the game.

StaticCat 40

Love this deck have one very similar - and @Mr_Chipthey better not increase his cost if they do they better increase Yoda - Wizened Master +1 or 2 as well. And do something about special chaining like limit it to 2.


Mr_Chip 58

Boy I just don't see them not touching him... but I also think Yoda is going to get his too... or they could just leave them both alone. Drew from Arrow Brook had a great suggestion - make his power action be +2 only on damage sides... +1 on everything else. Changing the language of how a card reads will be super difficult, however. That's why the balance of the force just swings with a broad brush and raises the cost of the character. I see both Snoke and Yoda getting hit. That list was supposed to be very temporary - but it has been more like Hotel California. Once you check in you never leave. Unless you're Unkar.

Mr_Chip 58

Also, props for the worst double-negative... "I don't see them not touching him." What I meant to say is... I think he is getting a point increase!

Manfred 133

How u deal with Tacos, thats my only problem in playing Thrawn ?

Ozmodon 1

To cos, explain I'm draining a blank at the moment.

rogue6548 32

@Ozmodon: TACOS = TAlzin / COmmandoS.

nez477 125

The Jedi Temple/Moff combo is about to get more light. I've been using it as well, it's a great combo.

I'd love to take this deck on with my Unkar/Tarkin Moff deck. I think it'd be close.

Jarmo_p 13

How often were you summoning Droids with the Landing Craft?

FlaccidBaron 39

@StaticCatand @Mr_ChipUnfortunatly I think they will increase snokes cost :( so get reps in while you can! @Manfredagainst tacos just strip away 3 cards from their hand every turn and mitigate any dice that do actually roll something decent. I played against TaCos at NOVA and won, you can read about it more at

Ozmodon 1

I may have to play Keyforge and give up on collecting Destiny if they change Snokes cost.

Trexder 73

Would you make any changes to the deck after you've played the nationals and was the ancient worth it?

Widied 1

Me too. If they keep increasing character costs and making cards I paid for, and character options I have basically unplayable in any meta then not gonna be a game I want to keep up with.