APC (Armored Personel Carrier)

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Ghash 47

The main goal is to keep as many as possible shields on Rey - Finding The Ways with 1-2 Defensive Teaching on the table. Doing damage with Obi-Wan Kenobi's Lightsaber's special and following Ataru Strike. Put Rey's Lightsaber on Rey's Lightsaber for free to gain two shields and return copy to deck with Starship Graveyard - Jakku. Pray for Luke's Protection against mill decks if lose battlefield roll.


Patpatine 183

I love this deck, it's a great combo and has some great cards to go with it, but I think you should take out guard for another Luke's protection, just to make sure you get it when versing mill

chrism435 1

good deck. i would consider getting rid of Jedi Robes for another Shoto Lightsaber. i get where your going with the Robes, but all it's good for is the ad shileds when played. also i would consider trading out heirloom and Inner Strength for 2 Ancient's if you have them. they're good for anti mill also.

chinovalley 316

Can't play Rey's Saber over itself--the unique is already in play so you can't play another one.

chinovalley 316

Page 3 of RRG v17, under "Uniqueness": A player cannot have more than one copy of a unique card in play at the same time. There cannot be more than one copy of a unique character on a team, and a player cannot play a unique support or unique upgrade if they already have another copy of that card in play.

chinovalley 316

Also, in the RRG v17 on page 30 (FAQ section), near the bottom:

Can I discard a unique upgrade in play to play and lower the cost of another copy? • No. You cannot play a unique upgrade if you have another copy of it in play.

Ghash 47

@chinovalley thanks for explanation. @chrism435 I have only one copy of Shoto Lightsaber and no ancients. @Patpatine Guard is very good card for dice removal in cqb deck for zero. But sure this deck will be modified after playtesting

Larsvk 42

You can’t put a unique upgrade over a copy of itself