Yoda/Finn - Healing - Indirect 2.0

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Yoda/Finn - Healing - Indirect 2 2 5 1.0
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Hessian Sack 1331

Suggestions are appreciated.


Pilar97 2

If healing where is Force Heal, and iderect without Resistance Bomber or at least Runaway Boomas?

Razelll 244

Why not try Modified HWK-290 instead of the Holdout Blaster. With Finn - Soldier of Necessity ability it seems like the Modified HWK-290 is a lot stronger than the Holdout Blaster. Also with all the vehicles, you are probably not going to claim, so I would use Weapons Factory Alpha - Cymoon 1. Cuz you are probably faster than other vehicles decks. And if you switched to the Modified HWK-290 you would have 8 vehicles.