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TheHyperloops 3320

This decklist is featured in the article 5 Decks I'd play at Nationals by NJCuenca. You can check that out here: https://www.thehyperloops.com/5decksnats/


zoddragon 108

I think the lack of redeploys is a real problem for this deck. Although the meta is dominated by 3 wide snoke indirects and milling (where It wont Matter), there is still always a bunch of 2 wide agros that i think will explore that weakness.

TheHyperloops 3320

@zoddragonI was thinking of cutting a suppressive fire for an Heirloom Lightsaber. originally i had heirloom in their but all the other cards seemed better with the packages. Between that and Ezra's saber I think you can be fine with that.