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Hoss-Drone 106

Updated version. played it at weekly league twice. 7-0 so far but not exactly taking on tier 1 all the time. important to note: it's got damage wins and 4 mill wins.


wynalazca 272

Where is your Jawa or Gungan Warrior? There is no way that a few free resources from the plot is worth 6 points, 6 HP, a character die for a few rounds, and potential access to red cards.

Hoss-Drone 106

@wynalazca it was though. Being able to rd 1 play a 3 cost for free and still drop an ambush gun and roll out was better than any value the gungan die would have given me.

Corbog 101

Am I missing something or are you guys arguing for nothing? You could have a Gungan and still have that plot, right?

Hoss-Drone 106

@Corbog if you play with a second character the plot loses half its benefit. The first 3 cost event of the turn would cost 1 instead of being free. Smart opp will still go after jyn and imho you lose way too much tempo and resource benefit to justify it.

flight799 148

You know, all those three cost events are actually lowered to 2 until you play your first one, so the plot does not even work funtil you play your second event. Jyn's ability is always on, not when played.

Hoss-Drone 106

@flight799before you play triggers before June ability triggers as you play.

Corbog 101

@Hoss-Drone Ah I forgot about the second part of the plot.

As a side note, I’ve consulted the oracles and it seems that @flight799 is correct, because Jyns ability is on-going (not triggered by anything or at any specific time) the before does not interrupt therefore negating the plot on any card that costs 3.

Valador 11

Never Tell Me The Odds should be good in here, no?

Corbog 101

I should say Jyn negates the plot on the first yellow event you play unless it costs 4 or more.

Hoss-Drone 106

@Corbog @flight799 rules reference page 20:" Effects which decrease something only last for the duration of the effect. Some effects have an ongoing duration. Example: It Binds All Things (r150) says “Before you play a Blue upgrade, you may exhaust this support to decrease its cost by 1.” This only applies while paying the cost to play the upgrade; once it is played, its cost returns to the normal value since you have now played a Blue upgrade."

Jyn's ability is not ongoing since it has a limited scope and timing which it has to check same as the example. "This only applies while paying the cost" applies to Jyn also for the same reason. Thus the timing goes thusly: I declare action - play a card, i show the card, calling in favors triggers, card goes to limbo, Jyn triggers, I pay new current cost, card resolves, card exits limbo.

@Valador I tested it in here but cut it for more mitigation. Without sabine abusing bonus actions and running interference help the card doesn't do enough. The opp will just mitigate before or after its played. Mitigation proved better/ more relevant to any situation.

Corbog 101

@Hoss-Drone the difference is that Jyn is not triggered. With something like It Binds All Things it is a “before” and also a “may.” Jyn is neither of those. She literally just changes the cost of the first yellow event until a yellow event has been played. If she was a before ability as the controlling player you could decide the order of your before triggers but as she is not there is no choice. As you notice with Binds after the card has been played it returns to its normal cost, so Jyn changes the cost until after the card has been played and no before abilities can interrupt her ability because with Jyn there is nothing for it to trigger before.

Hoss-Drone 106

@Corbog "Effects which decrease something only last for the duration of the effect."

This is still the operative text though. Affecting the cost of a card is only relevant at the time it's paid.

From the destiny official rulings:

The "Play a Card" entry on page 14 in the Rules Reference should read: Whenever a player wishes to play a card, that player follows these steps, in order:

Declare intent by showing the card and adding it to the queue. Check play restrictions. If the play restrictions cannot be met, the action is illegal. Choose target(s), if applicable. All upgrades require a target. If there are no eligible targets, the action is illegal. Determine the cost (or costs, if multiple costs are required). If the cost(s) cannot be paid (taking all modifiers into account), the action is illegal. Apply modifiers to the cost(s). Replacing an upgrade and “before you play” abilities may be triggered at this time. Pay the cost(s). If the card is next in line in the queue, resolve its effects. After the card resolves, it is either discarded (events) or put into play (non-events).

Modifiers have a specific timing as outlined above which means cost modifying text only applies then. See argument above. So even if jyn is always on, it isn't checked or working till the appropriate step.

Corbog 101

@Hoss-Drone if I’m reading that correctly you apply the modifiers, then “before you play” gets triggered. Meaning Jyn would apply her modifier then the before ability would trigger.

Buffybot 261

@Hoss-Drone, I'm curious if you tried Bravado, and also any other battlefields, like Imperial Palace - Coruscant or Jedi Temple - Coruscant to increase chances of mill win?

I think you're right about how the interaction between Jyn and the plot works. Jyn's ability does not say "The cost of each yellow event in your hand is reduced by 1", the ability only kicks in when you play the event, and the plot effect is applied before the event is played, so the outcome is plot first, Jyn's ability second, for cumulative stacking cost reduction.

Hoss-Drone 106

@Corbog it's all a single step so i'm fairly certain you would get to set the order of abilities so if course you just choose plot first.

Corbog 101

@Hoss-Drone if it happens in that order even though it’s one step you wouldn’t be able to choose the order unless they were both “before” abilities. But what I’m hearing now is Jyns ability kicks in during the determine the cost step.

Galith 2

"Determine the cost (or costs, if multiple costs are required). If the cost(s) cannot be paid (taking all modifiers into account), the action is illegal. Apply modifiers to the cost(s). Replacing an upgrade and “before you play” abilities may be triggered at this time."

This ruling depends on whether the 2 quoted sentences above are supposed to be 2 different steps. If so, this combo doesn't work. If the next step starts at the first sentence above and the second sentence states that before abilities can be used during this step, then I would argue the combo does work.

Galith 2

Sorry, it's late, I meant 3rd and 4th sentences and not 1st and 2nd.

Razelll 244

@Corbog Jyn Erso reduces the cost of the card when you play it. Calling in Favors reduces the cost of the card before you play it. It's that simple.

KingD21 2

So, you are incorrect with stacking Jyn's ongoing ability with CIF. Jyn's ability is NOT a trigger (not a before action nor an after -- it gets applied immediately). It's an ongoing ability with no trigger.

I know you really want it to work, but it simply doesn't -- it's not even the same timing since Jyn's ability does NOT even enter the queue so it, it's automatically applied. If her ability isn't queued, then no before action can interrupt it.

How you are winning with this is beyond me -- still stinks even if you are playing the rules incorrectly.

Hoss-Drone 106

@KingD21 did u even read the prior discussion? What part of "even if she's ongoing" did u not understand? What about the quoted rules? We're discussing beyond your argument. Just saying "your wrong" is not exactly persuasive without supporting proof.

KingD21 2

Play it incorrectly then. You think you are triggering something when you play an event card and therefore believe the before effect interrupts it. Jyns ability is not a trigger and is automatically applied -- you have no choice in this situation. There isn't more proof needed. You think it's a simultaneous trigger where you get to choose the order, and that's simply not the case.

Lightsabre 1

I like like the deck. Clearly a FAQ would be helpful about Jyn's ability and Closing the Net.

Fast Hands looks like a good option and as Redeploy is redundant I'd suggest X-8 Night Sniper and DL-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol would be better than Holdout Blaster.

Interceptor1988 9

Jyns ability happens when you play the card. Calling in favors plays before you play the card. I have a buddy who runs a similar deck and also was wondering so emailed in to get a rules clarification and they said it would work together.

Datrixzero 26

For what it is worth, I believe KingD21 is incorrect. By my reading of the rules I believe Calling in Favors does combo with Jyn Erso to make the first 3 cost yellow event cost zero.

Datrixzero 26

From what I read, Jyn's ability while always in effect only modifies when the card is being played. for example, if the card were reveled with Kylo 1's ability, and no other yellow event had been played it would not modify that card, because of course it wouldn't. but that is my point, until the card is played, jyn's ability isn't modifying anything. Calling in favors specifically says before you play and jyn's ability doesn't modify the cost until it is played. As such, and IMHO, you can use Calling in Favors before you play a 3 cost card to reduce its cost by two and play the card then Jyn would reduce the one cost card to zero. That is how I see the rules anyway.

wynalazca 272

We already know that It Binds All Things combos with Reaping The Crystal. I don't see how those interactions are any different than Calling in Favors and Jyn Erso - Reckless Operative.

I think the intent of the designers is all of these cost lowering effects work together. The only effect that actually cares about the cost paid is Port District - Bespin.

Raspy 1

Great! Love it, so much fun to play!