Jedi Tanks - 2nd Try

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Fromper 86

Second try at making this deck. As I said on the original version, I'm pretty new to the game and don't own that many cards. The earlier version was kind of weak, so I think this version can only be better.

Since making that one, I played in a draft tourney, so I picked up the Rivals box and a few more boosters worth of cards and dice, mostly from Way of the Force, but a few packs of Legacies. That gave me Crafted Lightsaber, Vibrosword, and Hidden Motive, which work well in this deck. One of the random cards I picked up from a booster was the Jedi Temple Guard, which I immediately recognized as better than Ezra Bridger - Aspiring Jedi (no pun intended) for this deck.

My local store also got a couple of copies of It Binds All Things and Guard that I could buy. Those should make a big difference by reducing my costs, both for getting my upgrades into play and removing enemy dice.

I still wish I had some slightly better upgrades for damage dice, but all the good lightsabers are expensive singles to buy. Being new to the game, I've spent quite a bit already just getting started, so I'm trying to give my wallet a break.

I gave up on the heavy shield emphasis and Riposte from the earlier version of the deck. Having more cards to mess with the enemy dice should make up for not having quite as many shields, and I wasn't able to get Riposte or Ataru Strike to work consistently, anyway.

Synchronicity, on the other hand, has been amazingly reliable. I've only had one game where I got it into hand and couldn't use it that round, so I ended up using it the following round. I kinda wish I could include 3 or 4 of that card in this deck - it's my most reliable damage.

I'll be playing this deck in a store tourney tomorrow. Any recommendations for last minute tweaks? Any cheap singles I should know about that would fit in here?

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