Honda [Winner National Belgium 2018]

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Fresck 193

Here is the list I won with the national tournament of Belgium in Charleroi.

You can have a summup of the event thanks to, both in french and english :

If you understand french, you can check the Corsuscant Swoop Gang Podcast we made, talking about the event : -> Episode 3

For the explanation of the deck, ask me in the comments, I will try to give my best answers :)

If you want to see the deck in action, Thanks to ludotrotter and yourdestinypodcast, you can check the replays of the tournament on twitch :

(I have to admit I play very slowly... Sorry, it's not always fun to watch)


artyzipp 1

Thanks for sharing. Watching the finals now. What is your ideal starting hand?

Fresck 193

My ideal hand would be double dealing, force speed, cunning and a control depending on the opponent you have! For exemple entangle is really good against 2character

Trexder 73

Hey Fresck, Christian here. Thanks again for the good games! I hope that we can play again and I'll figure out how to beat you with this deck ;)

Leddon75 139

Congratz for the Win :) Too many Snokes nowadays ;p

RebelTraitor 116

why Obi-saber over the second force wave? In a meta with a lot of 3-wide decks, force wave just seems really good.

Bartmoss 1

because the combo yoda shield, yoda shield, Obi-saber for 3 unblockable is too strong to be ignored against shielded or force illusioned characters ;)

Icezox 7

And force wave can be problematic with the ressource cost. In that deck you want to still have money to hyper space jump and control. And against other 2 character decks the force wave is dangerous because you are detroying your own litle life points.

Fresck 193

Thanks @RebelTraitorfor asking! :)

Both Bartmoss and Icezox are true, but the REAL question I would answer is why force throw over force wave? :D

First, to add for the Obi's saber explanation, IT IS REALLY too good, yes never underestimate the unblockable damage. And If you think a little more, you can shield yoda for 3 and deal 3, so that's a 6 dmg differential. Same for force wave, but only when there are at least 3 characters alive on the opponent team.

In late game, force wave is litterally doing nothing, deal 3 for a ressource, and take 2, that's a 1 dmg differential, and it's crap.

Force throw on the other hand, we noticed is very persuasive against bigger dice that are currently taking the meta. In late game, throw is really powerful, since removing a die and dealing damage is making up to winning, opposite to force wave.

Also, cunning is here to be as flexible as possible. And so having several special to use can only make the card better, and your strategy more complex for the opponent. "How the hell is he going to use it's cunning?" is what you want to install in your opponent's head. Cunnin'-ception!

Force wave is good, no discussion on that, but I saw, after testing the deck for a little less than 6 months, that Obi's saber is staple good on yoda, and force wave x1 is just perfect as it is. Hope it clears a little the question :)

Fduff7 1

Cunnin'-ception hehe :)

bomberboy2606 15

Hi. I don`t have any Force Speed or Handcrafted Light Bow What do you reccomend me to have instead? Thanks.

Fresck 193

Hi, I used to run a Canto Bight pistol, which is still pretty solid! If you have it, 2 force waves can be a solution against the current meta of 3-wide characters. Maybe another force throw, or obi's saber, to be sure to hit it?

To replace force speed it's a tough one... I would say fast hands? Since a 2 disrupt on the spot with hondo can be a killer. Or to stay on the way of "resolve fast" I heard some people use all in, maybe it can paliate by rolling in everything, and resolving everything!

The other solution would be to get in more controls, or survival, like rex's dinner, or hidden motive.

Hope it helped :)

bomberboy2606 15

@Fresck thanks fot the reccomendations of what yo add istead I will go to add them. Thanks

rogue6548 32

Come Across The Galaxy, what cards would you want three of with Double Down, assuming you would swap out Fortify?

Fresck 193

Haha good question! The first thoughts of everyone was about adding more control like easy pickings or else. I would see it to add very key cards, like a cunning and force speed, or a hyperspace ^^ if the list had still to work, then I would remove without a doubt both impulse since having 3 force speed would garantee having it first turn...