Rey2/Luke3 (1st place in a Trilogy tournament)

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Darth Brosephus 111

This is the second rendition of this Trilogy deck. I took first place in a Trilogy tournament with it on September 25th, 2018. Previously (about two weeks before this) I played in another Trilogy tournament. In that tournament, I played another version of this deck and found myself at the top-table final only to lose to some indirect shenanigans. Though I will say, it was very close, and the game was certainly going in my favor. My loss was a result of my own poor decision making accompanied with the persistent determination of a very talented opponent. To be more straight-forward with the results of this deck, across the two Trilogy tournaments (both Swiss) this deck has gone 5-1, making it to the top table both times.

What I like about this deck:

This deck is just fun to play. In an overwhelmingly indirect meta-game, this deck has the potential to absorb serious amounts of indirect damage. Additionally, this deck has a dual-nature of sorts. Luke's ability (including Luke Skywalker's Lightning Rod) allows the player to play each round reactively. To put it simply, I can be confident that if I role in Luke, and for the sake of argument let's say I role x4 , then I will get the chance to resolve these dice in a manner that is either defensive or offensive; it really boils down to what my opponent chooses to do and what is more advantageous for me after my opponents turn immediately following my activation of Luke. Plus, Luke Skywalker - Reluctant Instructor's die sides render useless so many mitigation cards (Sound The Alarm for example). Lastly, getting to choose the symbol I resolve on my dice just feels broken. Not to mention, if I resolve his dice as and give them to a formerly shieldless Rey, then I benefit offensively for playing defensively. As a guy who really enjoys shield shenanigans, this deck is a blast to play.

What I am going to change:

First, I will replace Flank with a second Unbreakable. Not to be too hasty and talk about the final match, but Unbreakable came in clutch in the final; it is definitely worth running two. Next, I will remove one Sound The Alarm for a second Hidden Motive. The only reason I did not run two Hidden Motive's in the first place is because I only have one. To be perfectly honest, I would consider cutting my second Sound The Alarm for another A99 Aquata Breather; that card is so clutch in the Trilogy format.

Yoda's Hut... I so badly want(ed) this card to work. Unfortunately, in my 3 rounds of Swiss, I did not get the chance to play it, or perhaps I should say, the timing just never felt right. To be blunt, the only time I could see this card being played is if you are stuck with it in round 1 and have no upgrades or additional supports to play. Its action is just too contingent upon a certain board state, and spending 2 resources on it seems like a bit of a gamble. However, and this is where I welcome input, I'm not 100% confident that it couldn't work. Upon further reflection, there were plenty of scenarios in which having this on the table could have been advantageous. With Pacify, Obi-Wan Kenobi's Lightsaber (which I played every match), Luke Skywalker's Lightning Rod's ability, and Luke Skywalker - Reluctant Instructor x2 sides, there were plenty of scenarios in which Yoda's Hut could have been advantageous, for there are clearly a plethora of potential and hypothetical scenarios one could actualize in order to obtain max value from it. Nevertheless, and as this deck is already incredibly tanky as is, it seemed more beneficial to spend the two resources on upgrades. The deck already generates plenty of shields as is (without Yoda's Hut), and besides, running two Adapt is a much more cost effective method for generating some additional income.

How it performed:

Match 1:

Not much to report. I was matched up against Maul - Vengeful One, Captain Phasma - Ruthless Tactician, and an Executioner. I made it through with both players alive, and hardly touched. Although I will say, Darth Maul themed cards are the arch-nemesis of this deck... and they were in abundance.

Match 2:

This match was bonkers. I was paired against Gungans (Battlefield: Arena of Death - Nar Shaddaa). To be brief, I got both Luke's Protection on the table in the first two rounds and continued to spam them for the majority of the match. A99 Aquata Breather came in clutch for me, and I made it out with a somewhat healthy Rey and a very dead Luke. The amount of indirect damage my opponent was able to mass was heinous. To be honest, I can't believe I won this match. I estimate that between the A99 Aquata Breather and shields, I must have blocked somewhere between 7 to 13 damage. Between Runaway Boomas, blanks, Jar Jar Binks - Clumsy Outcast, and other clever plays, I was able to stay ahead of my opponent and absorb the indirect. This was potentially one of the greatest matches of destiny I have played to date.

Match 3:

This one was a nail-bitter. I was matched up against eCaptain Phasma - Ruthless Tactician eJabba the Hutt - The Great and Mighty (Battlefield: Sith Temple - Malachor). To get straight to the spoilers, we went to full time and I won because I had dealt more damage. If I remember correctly, the match ended with 6 on Rey and 9 on Jaba. But phew, this one was too close. But the surprising thing is, that even though my board state was absolute trash for the first half of the game, this deck still performed. My opponent was able to take down Luke in round 2, and I in turn, barely took Phasma down at the very end of the same round. Unfortunately for me, it seemed as if all the cards [and dice] were falling in my opponents favor for the majority of the game. He pulled off some serious, special-indirect shenanigans with Jaba, and on two occasions dealt 7+ indirect damage. Unfortunately, I didn't draw into either of my Luke's Protection and had to both resolve dice and play events to generate shields. In the end, what honestly saved my skin was getting two Inner Strength on Rey late game alongside a redeployed Heirloom Lightsaber. In this final round, I ended up overwriting the Heirloom for Rey's Lightsaber to desperately gain 2 shields, and I was then able to remove one of his Jaba dice with Unbreakable. But really, it was resolving the special on Inner Strength and rolling into a x3 for 1 melee side on Rey's Lightsaber that won me the match; thank goodness I had the to fund it!


This deck is a force to be reckoned with, but of course, this is nothing new to the community. 4/6 decks I have played against across both Trilogy tournaments have been built around dealing copious amounts of indirect damage; this deck was the near-perfect answer. In a meta-game monarchy governed by the queen herself, Doctor Aphra, this Trilogy build, as a slight taste of what is to come after awakenings rotates out in 2019, is a good answer to the current indirect-meta. Not to mention, Luke's Protection is easily one of the best anti-mill cards in the game. Speaking of mill, I thought it was going to be the mill-pocalypse after Gen-Con? Boy the tides turn quickly. All the best, and please feel free to share any thoughtful and helpful feedback you may have!


ShadowLink 55

This looks so fun to play! I am fairly interested in the lack of upgrades and a single Hidden Motive

Darth Brosephus 111

Hey @ShadowLink it is a blast to play, especially if you like shields! In my write-up above, I mentioned that I only have one Hidden Motive at the moment, so that answers that. As far as upgrades go, I do agree with you, it is a very low number. I have adopted a rule of thumb that 8 is the bare minimum for dice upgrades. I agree that I could toss in another Dagger of Mortis, Rey's Lightsaber, Crafted Lightsaber, etc. I would be curious to hear your thoughts; what additional upgrades would you include?


artyzipp 1

Spot on for adding a second hidden motive. That card is so clutch for any vehicles deck

helikaon 34

How do you feel about Force Wave? I feel like it would be awesome against the meta, yes?

ShadowLink 55

@Darth Brosephus I think you mentioning adding another A99 Aquata Breather is a good choice cause yeah so many indirect damage in this meta is coming up with Snoke, Aphra Droids etc. But I think maybe adding lets say another Dagger of Mortis or possibly an Heirloom Lightsaber would be a good choice. I don't know about heirloom because you are basically paying 3 resources to possibly roll out 1 damage where the dagger allows you to steal a shield from a blue character and roll out with a higher chance of 2 damage

Razelll 244

@Darth Brosephus You said you wanted some feedback so here it is. I would remove Flank for a Hidden Motive and both Sound The Alarms for an Unbreakable and a A99 Aquata Breather just like you said. I would also remove the Yoda's Hut and put in another Obi-Wan Kenobi's Lightsaber, cuz it is really good in your deck, so you want to get it out as fast as possible. If you don't have another Obi-Wan Kenobi's Lightsaber I would put in a second Dagger of Mortis, cuz it is also really good, just not quite as good as Obi-Wan Kenobi's Lightsaber. And if you don't have a second Dagger of Mortis then I would put in a second Rey's Lightsaber cuz it is also pretty good, just not as good as the other two lightsabers.

Darth Brosephus 111

@Razelll Thanks for your feedback, very much appreciated. I definitely see the force (pun intended) of your argument for another 3 cost. I am moving in the direction of adding another 3 cost upgrade . Obi-Wan Kenobi's Lightsaber is bannanas good but I only have one, and I only have one Dagger of Mortis. After reading your comment, I was starting to think that it might actually be more adventagous to go with the third option you suggested, a second Rey’s lightsaber. The only reason I say this is because of the potential for a mid to late game overwrite (or at anytime for that matter) so that I can generate one or two quick shields if I need to. I also have an extra Luke Skywalker's Lightning Rod and an extra Ezra Bridger's Lightsaber that I got from a draft last night, which I was very psyched about!

Razelll 244

@Darth Brosephus Ya,Rey's Lightsaber is really good cuz it does get you shields. So are Luke Skywalker's Lightning Rod and Ezra Bridger's Lightsaber, but Rey's Lightsaber is better late game cuz it does more damage, and gives you sheilds.

Darbasti 1

I would definitely keep Yoda's Hut in. Been playing a very similar build for quite some time. Originally I ran two. I cut the second to try out Dex's diner and never looked back. I'm still debating on if defensive teachings and ataru strike are win more or a necessity. Recent ruling on ataru strike with Luke's shield dice favors it. In some matchups it's key in others it is dead weight. I guess it might be a meta call but discarding to reroll or draw makes me ok with running them for now. How did way of the light x2 feel? I've been running one and it seems right.

Darth Brosephus 111

@Darbasti Thanks for the feedback on Yoda’s hut, good to here. That seems to be the trend with Dex's Diner right now... might actually be worth running dex over a steadfast... will have to think about that. Way of the light feels pretty good. If it helps, I have a standard version of this deck that I will most likely take to regionals, and I am running two Way of the Light. Obviously they are not good early against a hero deck, so if you are matched against a hero build, it is going to be an almost guaranteed mulligan round one, unless you want to hold onto it for round two. Ataru strike is a good thought... hmm. I will so though, in my experience I have no problem getting out damage. In my match against the Gungans (Boss Nass - Bombastic Ruler,Jar Jar Binks - Clumsy Outcast,Gungan Warrior,Gungan Warrior) my opponent was able to get out Diplomatic Protection and in the end, I ended having to deal somewhere in the ball park of 35 damage in 35 minutes. But I was able to do it. I suppose the question really comes down to which way do you want to play: would you rather play more on the aggro side or more on the tank side. My personal preference is to play this deck in more tanky style. Even in my standard build I am always hesitant about playing cards like Synchronicity and Ataru Strike because I am forced to leave dice out on the table. My good friend always tells me that he doesn't play Synchronicity (I know this is Trilogy but just after the concept) because he feels like it can make one focus more on making a synchronicity play which is not always the right decision. Hyperloops put out a good article recently on cards like The Power of the Force in a Rey/Luke standard build, and I think that is an interesting idea... but I think it all boils down to your own play style. So far I have not struggled to mass the necessary amount of damage. But that could easily change! I just naturally gravitate towards more removal in a tanky aggro build.

Darth Brosephus 111

@Darbasti whoops, forgot Ataru Strike says resolve increasing by... yeah that card seems great late game. It is the same logic employed when playing unbreakable: ‘The more shilds I have on this character the better the card effect.’ Might toss one in as well! Great input!

Mr_Chip 58

Love this deck. Went 4-0 with it at local trilogies night. Things I wonder after spending some time with it. 1. I never played inner strength. Tell me why you like this card in here. I just wasn’t seeing it. 2. Two Luke’s Protection. Would one be enough? 3. Yodas hut - mitigation would be better in the games I played.

Things I’m mulling over: Beguile. Clash. Do or Do Not. Heightened Awareness w/ Defensive Teaching. Crafted Lightsaber. Free Fall

Again love the deck. Nice job and thanks for sharing.

Darth Brosephus 111

@Mr_Chip Glad it worked out for you! It is super fun. Inner Strength is questionable, but because Luke Skywalker - Reluctant Instructor’s power action, I was actually able to get both out when I desperately needed to do some healing. But to be honest, I really just wanted to find something that I could power action. All that to say, Inner Strength is actually the reason I won in the final. Being able to transfer a damage in the final round [barely] gave me the +1 advantage against my opponent in damage dealt. Even still, that was a special occasion, and it’s not necessary by any means.

I think one Luke's Protection could definitely be enough, the main reason I prefer two is simply because I like to have options. I think it is fun to have both on the table, having a second one to insure that I will use Rey’s activation ability. I have many times used the ability for one at the end of my turn, and kept the other for fire insurance; I really like that card.

I really like your suggestions. Beguile is dirty! Thanks for the comment, all the best!