eFinn/eCassian Store Championship Winner

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Biercow 42

This is a deck that I took to an 11 person store championship at Bunsenbrewer in Sandy, OR (Portland, OR meta). Pretty sure this is the first time Finn has won a thing. Artificery streamed the games so you can watch me making plenty of mistakes.

I only played the deck a handful of times before the SC. My buddy in Chicago is the originator of this list. I spent a fair amount of time playing the other meta decks against him to prep for his store championship season but life happened and he ended up missing them so I decided to give it a shot.

The deck is very bursty and strong in the current meta. You definitely want to hard mulligan for Rex's Blaster. If you have your battlefield it is a 5 die start and you should be fast enough to keep it the whole game. If I were to change the deck I'd probably drop the retreats for a second Hyperspace Jump and another hasty exit.

Here is the round breakdown:


Round 1: Win vs eRex/Clone Trooper/Hired Gun

This was a surprisingly close game. Rex with double blasters was causing me problems but a well timed hit and run allowed me to finish off all three characters in round 3.

2: Win vs eYoda/eLeia Mill

Finn/Cassian are so bursty that the mill deck was just unable to keep up with the damage output.

3: Win vs eYoda/eEzra/Rookie Pilot

This was a pretty close game. We nearly went to time but I was able to close out the game in the final round after time had expired so we did not go to tie breakers.

4: Loss vs eSnoke/Aphra/Battle Droid

Probably the worst matchup for this deck that I have seen. It's a real damage race. If Finn/Cassian can ramp and roll well before the engine of Snoke/Aphra/Battle droid is online we should win this game. Our game was over in about 10 minutes so we played a second for fun and he won that one as well but it was a closer game.

*I theoretically could have won this game but forgot to use my indirect damage from the Cassian dice a few times...That's what I get for playing a new deck/character to me.

Top Cut

Semis: Win vs eYoda/eLeia Mill (1-0)

Same opponent and story as round 2 in swiss. Rough matchup for him.

Final: Win vs eSnoke/Aphra/Battle Droid (2-0)

Same opponent as round 4 in swiss. This time the card and dice gods were on my side. I got out some great inexpensive upgrades early and was able to combine those with hit and run to really ruin Snoke/Aphra/Droid's day. The move of the match was rolling out a 7 die hit and run and hitting the 2 ranged or plus 2 ranged on every die for a total of 16 with Cassian's indirect (I was a little stressed out by this point so I may be misremembering but it was at least 14 in a single shot).


Scactha 856

Top fun to finally see Finn win something :) Great job there.

RandomScrub 7

It is probably the first time Bendu's Lair has won anything as well... I was there on Sunday and I'm pretty sure you drank a bunch of beer and didn't pay for it : )

Biercow 42

@RandomScrub, I believe you are right on both counts. It's ok. I know the owner of Bunsenbrewer. Spoilers: It's me...

Jorgyn Ryys 184


RebelTraitor 116

I'll see you at the tournament of champions on saturday!

Biercow 42

@RebelTraitor it’s going to be a great event! Look forward to seeing you there!

diamondtron24 4

I was the Rex, Trooper opponent you played. It was close, it was also the closest i got to winning a game that day LOL. The burst is real.