Cape Town Store Championship 1st Place / Willpocalypse 1.01

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iftheshoefritz 23

I only recently got 2x Yoda and I was looking for something that wasn't millpocalypse to play at a store champs. I found a Yoda Cassian aggro list played by @Hope from Destiny Down Under at a Store Champs in Sydney and it is this same list except on his advice in the writeup I changed +1 Beguile -1 Entangle.

I actually found their discord and asked a bunch of questions, Will and the other guys in Destiny Down Under were super helpful.

On the day:

R1 vs Rose Jedha Wedge Win. - the store / national / regional champ playing a less serious deck (in general there were few meta decks). He didn't draw any mitigation and I had Force Wave.

R2 vs Luke3 Rey1 Win. I was ahead early and he kept rolling blank after blank. He ramped hard and things were looking tough but after he did a Force Illusion for 6 I switched to a late mill plan. 2x Force Illusion 2x Second Chance kept Cassian alive long enough for the mill win.

R3 vs Jar Jar Boss Nass Gungan x2 Loss. His battlefield was killing me, plus a Diplomatic Immunity half way through killing Jar Jar put a big dent in my plans. At time I Hyperspace Jumped myself to a loss once I knew I couldn't do any more damage and it was clear that he could've killed me.

Top 4 vs Roger x5 2-0. I kept landing Force Waves, but things were still super close thanks to Attrition and the damage per dead character battelfield and I had to fight my way through Endless Ranks. In the second game when I was showing lethal all he had left was to claim to leave me on 1 health. Tight.

After Top 4 I was able to go over my loss to Gungans with Sensei Will and correct some misplays (e.g. always forcing Jar Jar activate with my first action, "lol don't do that").

Final vs Gungans again 2-1. First game with my battlefield was much easier than before. Second game with his battlefield the game went on to the point where vehicles overcame aggro and he played well to control the force waves. Game three back to my battlefield but mid game I saw things slipping away from me. He had abundant shields to augment his high starting health and vehicles were coming online. I realised his deck didn't really have answers to mill (mitigation mostly against damage sides only) and Cassian Yoda has 4 discard sides, Yoda's special and Cassian's ability to mill. It took two force illusions and at least one second chance to survive but I was able to mill at least 1/3 of his deck.


iftheshoefritz 23

Shout out to the guys I borrowed cards from to make this work! Niz & Wayne, heroes of note.

WillHope@DF 241

@iftheshoefritz Great job dude, thanks for the shoutout and always happy to help! It was a pleasure to coach you over the past few days and wish you much sucess in the future!