TACOS - Championship Store Winner Barcelona

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jpescuder 24

Hi everybody!

We were 21 players in our store championship and we had a great time! Because I always have many resouces (I like to use talzin's ability on the cube die) I made some changes to the deck, like the 2 3-cost redeploy weapons and the dark ritual.

Round 1: eRex/Clone/Maz W Round 2: eRex/Clone/Maz W Round 3: eFn/eTalzin W Round 4: TACOS W Round 5: ePoe1/Maz W

Top8: eSnoke/Piet/Traitor W Top4: eRex/Clone/Maz W Final: eLuke3/eRey2 2-0 W

Have fun!

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