plo koon and padawans

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Hello all,

Here's the list I went 1st at a local tournament, and 2nd at a store championship in Paris (I lost to an aggro yoda cassian deck, which is way too much underrated). We were around 12 for both tournaments.

This deck is more fun than it seems, when you can ancient lightsaber free on plo koon, heal him, and then put again another saber at 2 for free or 3 for 1 :)

The deck is pretty straight forward, roll and take all the dice on the 2/3 first turns, and discard to reroll on the last turns for maximum damage.

The deck can build up suprisingly big damage very quickly.

I didn't play mortis because I didn't have one. Force illusion is the only card I see that can be discussed, and I might say I would not add it, since you really need the space for all the upgrades on your character, so be careful when adding it, you want the redeploy, and the force speed on your padawans.

Lightsaber pull made so much work to cycle those ancient healings...

The real surprise is no doubt The power of the force, which is incredible on force speed -> focus for 4 -> slash a character! Since the upgrades can ramp up quickly, you have no issues going 3 or 4 on a power of the force, that is so flexible!

Last arguable card is steadfast, I forced myself to play it, since I believed it could do well. Now, I can confirm it, this is a good card. The 4 differential on first turn is really not to neglect, and still can do surprise kills in mid game on a character at 1 health. It also heals a little, which can bother your opponent, when he wanted to dangerous maneuver, or backup muscle the last damage.

For the rest of the deck, it speaks for itself :)

Thanks for reading and have fun with this deck, I'm leaving it here and moving forward to trilogy!


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Thank you for sharing ;)