You Better Have Action Cheating

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P0em 322

This thing will wreck your face if you don’t have action cheating (or Qui-gon pings). I am 7-0 on tts. I’ve gone full games without taking a single damage on DJ.

I just added Vandalize and dropped Dangerous Maneuver. My thought is that even though you don’t have much focus, vandalize puts your dice to use. It can be played for free with Streetwise and can deal with a pesky Shoto Lightsaber Anakin Skywalker's Podracer, Force Illusion, etc. Dangerous Maneuver doesn’t remove dice so it doesn’t trigger DJ.

Battlefield is either Docking Bay - Finalizer (for obvious reasons) or Fort Anaxes - Anaxes, which removes dice and triggers DJ.

Other cards to consider: The Best Defense..., Under Attack, Separatist Landing Craft, Backup Muscle, Ammo Reserves


kjavis 44

nice to see this combo do work for you my man haha

rogue6548 32

Nice combo. Why no TBD?

Manfred 133

Or Grand moff, even better than action cheat ;)

Scorpio Bandito - CloudCityCasuals 327

Your list looks great! I suggest getting rid of Tech Team tho, since you really only have 8 Supports besides Tech Team that you’ll be playing, 6 of which only cost one resource. You should be saving resources with Alhra’s ability and Streetwise, so you could probably swap out Tech Team for another removal card. I personally suggest Reversal as it removes a die and deals damage, and then you also get the DJ damage on top of that. Under Attack also works well with DJ, letting you take out a mass amount of dice, and if you have 0-0-0 out you even get to deal an extra damage from it.

rogue6548 32

There's 10 supports plus 2 for Tech Team (8 of which cost 1). You might've forgotten to count Streetwise.

AnderFREAK 1

Suppression Field might be a good too since it triggers DJ's ability.

Hessian Sack 1325

@AnderFREAK Suppression Field is Hero...

demorenan 30

Nice list Poem. I'll try further to see how this works.