Geriatric Institute - Top 4 Trilogy SC with writeup

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Solsticejf 126

Took this deck to our local Store Championship, in Chambly - Canada, which was a trilogy tourney with 12 players.

Idea of this deck is to benefit from Executioner all 4 good sides to "snoke it" , and Mother Talzin focus. Very often I would start by activating Exec, if I got anything I would power action it, if it's a blank, I would active Talzin 2nd action and focus the Exec dice to have 2 dices I could power action next action (unless I caught a blank on Talzin). You need to keep Snoke alive the 1st 2 round if you want to win. Usualy not a problem with all the mitigation but found out in semis that it's pretty though to go on once Snoke is dead.

game 1 vs Aphra-eSnoke-Droid

Won the BF, took mine. Close game, Snoke Power Action on executioner 1st roud kills the BD for an extra roll of the battle droid dice. Opponent managed to play 0-0-0 turn one as well. After that it's all downhill. BT-1 turn 2, followed by a lot of indirect damage, ends up killing me turn 4 with a well timed Climate Disruption Array when lethal dmg was on the board on my side. L - 0-1

game 2 vs eSnoke-eKylo

Won the BF again, took mine. Early power action on Exec to get 3 ressources, followed by a Arc-170 Starfighter. Played a second Arc-170 round 2. Was able to get a couple of dmg on Snoke early on and on round 3 played a double tactical mastery to activate Talzin and focus on range, then resolve focus with snoke to turn both Arc170 on range dmg to resolve 6 on Snoke killing him. Rest of the game was a walk in the park, he managed to kill Exec but with Talzin, Snoke and 2 Arc-170 on the board (meaning indirect was now direct dmg on Kylo), managed to kill him the next round. Great player, was lucky in that one I believe. W - 1-1

game 3 vs DJ-eMaul

Was intrigued by this matchup, but having played DJ a lot I know how annoying he can be late game. Won the roll, took his BF (Outer Rim outpost) to get extra 2 shields on Talzin. Decided to focus on DJ and key play was early round 3 - with a Snare in hand and 3 ressources to start the round, activated Talzin to focus on her 2 range side to bait him in removing her dice. He took the bait, next action I Snare Maul which had a Maul Saber and Crossguard Lightsaber on him, that was it. Was able to kill DJ that round, and after that it was basically 3 against one. W - 2-1

game 4 vs eHondo-ePoe

Faced a friend of mine with whom I practice a lot. Was scared of this matchup and I knew how good a player my adversary was. Won the BF again, but this time elected to take mine, since his was Arid Wasteland - Geonosis which I didn't want to face with a Hondo player. All and all was a pretty tight match, with the MVP being the Nightsister Coven which would steadily deal 1dmg almost every round. Despite all my practice against this deck, decided to go after Hondo and killed him round 3. After that I managed to Snare his Poe late game and that was it. W - 3-1

Top 4 vs eKylo-eArynda

Wasn't scared of this matchup, I usually have no problems against 2 characters pairing with this deck, but underestimated the special of Arynda. His BF was OUter Rim Outpost

1st game - won the BF, took the shield. He got Snoke down in the second round, I couldn't roll anything good. Was able to use Dark Ritual on Snoke in round 2 but he killed him again right away. He would almost always have control of the BF and use Price special to deal me 3 melee with Kylo. Not my game. - L 0-1

2nd game - won the BF - took the shield. Started the game with an Arc-170 in hand, decided to get the money early and play my support. He went after Exec first - bad Idea. Was able to get both Arc-170 and Dooku Sailer on the board and then just keep both characters alive with Witch Magick and removals. Was a walk in the park. - W 1-1

3rd round - little mistake here, we both didn't know loser chose BF - so we rolled and I won. took the shields again. Tried to play the vehicule suit again, but he played smart and removed my ressources on Exec and Talzin to avoid me getting rich. He target Snoke and he went down end of round 2. He seemed to roll dmg all the time after the that and couldn't mitigate all of it. - L 1-2

Summary - This deck has a lot of potential in Trilogy format, a couple of nice tricks like the Snare bait, Tactical Mastery with Talzin for 4 dmg. Never played Exec. Axe, would replace it with a second Beguile instead. Would consider swapping 1 The Force is With me for a Become One for another surprise move using a Snoke 2 focus or Indirect DMG to add to another range or melee dmg.

Pretty fun to play to, let me know your comments :)


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Vitalogy1010 197

You feel Dark Ritual is a little expensive?