Palpatine Bib ?

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Dast213 8

Hi guys, I want to try this deck and want to have your suggestion. What do you think? What card you would change? I put friens in high places because it will not be so hard to have 7 on the table and it will give the opportunity to place some 3 to 5 cart for free. Darksaber because i can overight some cart and the stats are crazy. Rise again to play a darksaber or force lightning from the graveyard and héla palpatine. Sorry about my english i m french from canada :)


Bruuu 1

Nice deck.. if you play in children daycare league..

Hessian Sack 1325

@Bruuu He asked for help, not insults.

@Dast213 Bib Fortuna - Majordomo probably isn't the best character, although I can see the appeal in rolling out Palpatine - Galactic Emperor multiple times. I'd run Palpatine - Galactic Emperor elite on his own, or maybe add some red. Veteran Stormtrooper or First Order Stormtrooper would both be good. Or even TIE Pilot would be great. I like the inclusion of Way of the Force, and Force Lightning is a great idea. Force Throw is really strong against any Planetary Bombardment deck.

Dast213 8

Dont worry Hessian I know that guy and i win all the time again him :) and the for your opinion