RPG (Ree/Plutt/Gunray) Eco Villain Vehicles

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G Parfitt - Crotch Rocket - UK Champs 1st Swiss. 17 12 1 1.0
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McAaron 1

This is an budget version of Snoke Vehicles.

Ciena Ree - Adept Pilot-Her ability is very strong with Pirate Speeder Tank and AT-ST.

Unkar Plutt - Junk Dealer-Dont use his ability until oponent has vehicles. Disrupt if possible.

Nute Gunray - Separatist Viceroy-Two resource sides and he is annoying for opponent. Mostly first target (and what we want).

Anarchy-This is most surprising trick of this deck. Use this with 5 value on dice and look at opponent's face :)

If You have a Planetary Bombardment it will be devastating.

Feel free to develop this deck and have fun!

[Translated from my Polish brain]

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