Shielding Jedi - Quigon / eLuke

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Ramin2-D2 255

This deck has the versatility of defense and offense thanks to both the trigger ability of Quigon and the dice ability of Luke. Of the two, Luke dice are more versatile, thus he was chosen to be elite, which also makes him a threat, all the while loading up Quigon with upgrades.

Opening hand ideally would be any of the following, It Binds All Things, Shoto Saber, Lightsaber Pull, Destiny. The idea is to load up Quigon quick. Put on Shoto, or use Lightsaber Pull to find one. And if possible get a second weapon, such as another Shoto or Ancient, and cheat it in with Destiny using one of Luke's die showing value 2.

From there on its a game of whether to use Luke's dice as shields or melee. Similarly, choices depend on whether to gain shields on Quigon or use the trigger ability for damage, which should occur everytime Quigon activates thanks to Shoto, along with other shield dice. Luke Protection, Loth Wolf, Synchronicity, and Riposte make up the standard shield deck trick plays.

Along with an ample amount of removal events, these two characters can hang in as long. Luke and Quigon have very consistent dice, which means damage will steadily rack up, for a slow but sure game.

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