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CharlieWonka 92

So this happened. I just thought I wasn't seeing any plots around. They seem to have been experimented with and then died off a little. So I wanted to play one again and I had never used Built to Last so that was our starting point but 4 points feels like a lot and you need as much health as you can get these days. So I got together all the blue and grey weapons that were unique and it obviously needed to be a melee deck so the only blue character I hadn't tried was Ezra Bridger - Aspiring Jedi and as his lightsabre was an option it seemed to fit. now how to take advantage of that fabulous re-deploy - get as many people to pass the weapons to as possible AKA 3 x Gungan Warrior and the sneaky tactic of having the Arena of Death battlefield to supplement damage when your characters start to get flipped over. The rest of the deck seemed to put itself together. Aftermath to fuel the ramp and dice. Honed Skills is a must with built to last so your last guy should have every weapon your deck can pay for by the end. Add in the removal and damage prevention and a few tricks and there you have it.

I think my favourite card in all this is an early Coordination earning 4 extra life as shields with it's special and later you go over it with a weapon that will later re-deploy and has a nice bit of focus too.

There is a lot of scope here to add in cards honourable mentions that could go in and have been in the build are.

Jedi Robes, Steadfast, Shoto Lightsaber, Guard

Feel free to give it a whirl as it was a lot of fun to play and build.

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