Luke Hondo - 1st Place 10-man Trilogies Tourney

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vulpix13 80

Won a 10-man Trilogies tournament with this list. The field was mostly Yoda and Hondo decks.


These two cards were the most impactful throughout the day.

Turn the Tide - was the top performer and destroyed the Yoda decks, and along side Pacify was crushing. Effectively a 6 damage swing for 2 resources, very often.

Vibrocutlass - came in close second. Was 90% of time a turn 2 play overwriting Respected Businessman. Its 2 along side Hondo's matching side forces opponents to use it or lose it each turn. And if they use their resources, then can you can reroll the dice into damage that they do not have the resources to mitigate.

Honourable Mentions: The Force Is With Me Respected Businessman

Top 4 decks:

1st: eLuke/eHondo

2nd: eLeia/Anakin/Jedi Temple Guard

3rd: eJarJar/BossNass/Gungan/Gungan

4th: eHondo/eTalzin/Profitable Connections


tunewalker 52

So I had a thought given how many vehicle decks are around. The force focus seems kind of out of place as does the rey's lightsaber and maybe 1 of the heirlooms. My thought was to replace those with N1 starfighters and an Eta-2 interceptor as a kind anti support tech in. What are your thoughts.

Scorpio Bandito - CloudCityCasuals 321

The N1 Starfighter is an interesting thought to anti-vehicle, but if you went that route it’d probably be better to keep the Force Focus so you can chain into N1 special, and even without N1 Force Focus is amazing letting you mess with your opponents dice and chaining into Homdo’s Special

vulpix13 80

Force Focus was a pseudo 3rd Respected Businessman which allowed a more consistent ramp into a 2nd Turn Vibrocutlass/Darksaber. This was a very late addition, but performed better than expected. Rey's Lightsaber was a change from Obi Wans Lightsaber, and the main reason was because Obi Wan's Lightsaber has two 2 Shield sides as does Luke's, so often this got Easy Pickings'd. It was also nice to have it be able to be played on Hondo and still Redeploy. I like a high weapon count generally for Overwrite abuse, as well as to make Hondo special threatening.

I can see the N-1, if you are in a heavy vehicle meta. The 2 Force is With Me, was my anti-vehicle cards as it not prevalent enough in my Trilogies meta. The card I found most frustrating was Anakin's Podracer in Mill, which I would consider maybe playing something to counter it.