AtG: eAayla / eRex 0.1 3 - 0 Local Tourny

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Pineapples 23

Always liked Rex and Aayla, had success with Aayla and Finn2 (3-0 in local tourny) but wanted to try this seeing you can squeeze in Long Term Plan.

Tonight 11/1 was the last trilogy night before Across the Galaxy drops. I went with Trilogy format for this reason and in preparation for AtG, thus the 0.1. Tonight this deck went 3 - 0 against:

eLuke3 / eHondo (Aggro) ePiett / eAphra (Support) eLuke3 / eLeia2 (Mill)

Also of note, neither Aayla nor Rex were killed in any match up.

The deck is no where near optomized, especially with AtG coming in one week. Any input for improvements or tweaks are appreciated. Will not add anything from Awakening's cycle though.


Hessian Sack 1329

Why so many single copy cards?

Pineapples 23

A lot of my decks have been run mostly single copies of cards. With the upgrades, most of them are unique other than the E-11, Hidden Blaster and Stun Baton. I have 1/3 of my deck as upgrades so there's a fair chance something is going to show up. I don't need two copies of Dagger, if one shows up then I essentially have a dead card when the second draws. That's space I can use for removal or healing or some other utility. If my Dagger gets discarded from my character, odds are decent I'll have another upgrade come down the line that I'm just as happy with.

With one of's for events, I like to have a variety of options, I usually keep about 8 - 10 removal cards (which I hate dedicating that much space to them), and I feel this gives me some variance. Beguile is great, but wouldn't you rather straight up remove up to three dice showing damage and get an extra move? Up to about 20 different event cards has almost always provided me with some sort of tool to use in any situation.

Lastly, I like to use as many cards as I can, using 30 of 1000 cards feels better than 15.