Snoking Hot Momma - Nordic Nationals 2018 (5-1 4th Overall S

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Sith Holocron 205

Sith Holocron here with my deck I made top cut with at this years Nordic Nationals held at Stockholm, Sweden. Before the event I tested Snoke - Supreme LeaderBattle DroidDoctor Aphra - Artifact Hunterand I found it a little lacking, similar to how I felt replacing the two counterparts with Ciena Ree - Adept Pilotand Sebulba - Cutthroat Podracer. Which got me thinking. What are the best characters in the game. Yoda - Wizened Master for sure, Snoke - Supreme Leader yes and probably Mother Talzin - Nightsister Matriarch. Then I wondered why has no-one put Momma and Daddy together in a deck before? I built it both elite and it had issues, ie money. Dropping Mother Talzin - Nightsister Matriarch to single allowed for the previously meantioned Ciena Ree - Adept Pilot to appear. Now we are talking. But what deck to build? I loved Honestly Sarcastcs Drive By Shooting deck he took to Worlds, but I couldnt make it work for me, but the concept was sound. Small vehicles, DH-17 Blaster Pistol and Yoda for money making. Well Ciena Ree - Adept Pilot makes money for days, Snoke - Supreme Leaderdoes amazing support things & I have a huge Health Pool. I began with ships. Fang Fighterseemed obvious as did the ARC-170 Starfighter both solid 3 cost supports. Count Dooku's Solar Sailer became a real consideration due to the two double focus sides should Snoke - Supreme Leaderget targeted and finally to get rid of the droid indirect decks using 0-0-0 and BT-1, and mill with Anakin Skywalker's Podracer, hell even Maz's Vault the AT-DP was inserted - and man oh man did it become the MVP of the deck. Here we have so much focus and die fixing from our characters we want to run slow. We are also as rich as as Bill Gates. Money is no issue to the Bank of Ree. So I added in the DBS section, cubes and DH-17 Blaster Pistol but knew I wanted this odd costed deck to only run 2 even cards, the Chance Cube so Witch Magick worked all day. With money abundant Rise Again would become huge, but what to add. Heirloom Lightsaber and 2 Z6 Riot Control Baton became the easy to afford but amazing Rise targets. I would often Round 1 take say 6 damage on Mother Talzin - Nightsister Matriarch only to have pitched an Z6 Riot Control Baton heal 5 and add it before even rolling her out. Their turn 1 was 1 damage. Mine ended up being 7-9. This deck is ran as slow as molasses so if you win the roll out either take the shields (do it, 1 on each helps with Snoking) and then pay for your ships. I wanted as much cheap 1 cost removal as possible so as a vehicle deck Pinned Downwas a no brainer, as were Overconfidence with 2 blue characters. Flank is superb in a slow deck and the DeflectFeel Your Angerand The Best Defense... we added during testing to save our troops. This deck did run two Force Wave but I often struggled using it against 2 wide decks so cut to one. Obviously Force Illusionrounds the deck off for more damage saving.

In the tournament the deck performed even better than in the heavy testing I did prior to travel, my only loss was on stream to mill and when he milled over 85% of my die cards this deck will struggle but it was still a very close game against a great opponent. The decks it defeated were Finn2/Luke2, Yoda/Hondo, Snoke/Ciena/BD, Kylo2/Snoke and Aphra,Snoke,BD

This is a great deck and sadly I couldnt go all the way to win my ticket to Worlds 2019 but it is super solid, has all the best characters villain has and the consistency of a truck. Try it out & I hope you enjoy playing it!


artyzipp 1

This looks fun. Thanks for sharing

Sith Holocron 205


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played a similar deck in the Australian Nationals 5-1 in swiss only losing to kylo pryce holocron package deck. mine was mainly vehicles though with a couple of force waves for the 3 wide meta, its a great character combo and really fun to play too