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JoshisJoshingyou 42

Won a 14 person #extralife tournament this weekend on this. Thank you to Chance Cube, Jedi Geek Girl, and everyone that came out. We raised close to 2500$ for Nationwide Children's Hospital.

I built this deck at 3am the night before the tourney (after playing back to back Twilight Imperium 4 games for #extralife). I knew I wanted to run Mother / Dooku since removal is limited in trilogies. I also had just traded for a Maul's Saber so knew I wanted to play with it. I tried to keep the upgrades to a minimum and wanted to have 2 resources each turn to maximize Dooku damage or mitigation.

Become one is amazing with a +4 from Maul's saber to +discard or +resources or +ranged damage. Doubt was huge vs Snoke decks removing all possible character dice for Snoke to increase. Hidden Motive is great vs any die with 50% or greater on a single side, saved me from many planetary bombardments. Mostly I was sick of Snoke and wanted to build something to counter high health vehicle decks. I figured I'd throw all the bad removal in and some would be useful in some matches, rest would be rerolls. I had many close matches that came down to 1 or 2 damage. This deck will only get better with AOE melee coming next set for villains. If you are tired of bad rolls give this deck a try.

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