My 9-year old's first deck: Poe/Hondo

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nez477 134

Sharing the first deck my 9-year old made. So much fun, he's doing great with it!!!


Destiny Deck Analysis 259

Looks good to me! Tell him to keep up the good work and he’ll be winning the national championship in no time!

DarthVaderRocks 112

9 year old?! wow

RebelTraitor 132

If your playing docking bay, I recommend honor guard because it's amazing. All around great deck for sure!

artyzipp 1

I love this. My 10 and 7 year olds play a ton too. I would love to see more decks that are cheaper and easier to build for kids this age. Right now my 7 year old is rocking FN/Talzin and took me out last night