Snow'Ra & the Three Jawas

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Cryptid 76

Qi'ra has crashed her ship! Fortunately it was right outside a Jawa workshop and she just got paid from a high risk job for the Black Sun syndicate, so its a race against time to repair her ship, throw on some new modifications while they're at it, and get her back home to Dryden in time for dinner!


edwardrekishi 162

Took me far too long to work out that this was a joke... This made me chuckle heartily. Thank you, sir.

Cryptid 76

Hehe glad to have brought a little cheer to someones day! I like to make decks like this one to play against people who want to learn the game. The deck isn't designed to be competitive whatsoever; its what I like to call a "scenario deck" where there is a little story to tell to my opponent before the game and give it a bit of dramatic flourish. It always makes for an entertaining how-to-play introduction to the game!