Plo Koon, Rocket Scientist - Budget Friendly

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None. Self-made deck here.
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Plo/Jedha/Engineer: RainPlo "Dash" (15th OH regional) 7 3 11 1.0

Nikhil 207

Stack your deck in 2 rounds with 4x Rebel Engineer triggers - no Legendaries required!

I recommend to mulligan hard for a 1 cost vehicle + Refit and into in round 1 so you can throw down the mods you dig up, especially Laser Cannon and Systems Gauge.

From round 2 on, get out X-Wings + mods and play your 0-cost removal / pay for Systems Gauge. Try and save an Aerial Advantage for your 2nd or later X-Wing drop (which will simultaneously take control of Landing Dock - Scipio), but don't be afraid to play it ASAP against aggressive decks or if you're on a battlefield you won't control often.

Once you're into round 3, you no longer need the Rebel Engineers' abilities, so feel free to use them for Into The Garbage Chute and Blaze of Glory. Here you want to have a second X-Wing with Triple Laser Turret + Targeting Astromech, or ideally a 3rd X-Wing if you rolled like you were supposed to. If you are having resource issues or miss X-Wing draws, just get your Resistance Crait Speeder or Plo Koon's Starfighter some good mods and ignore the X-Wings. This can also free up resources later to play Outgun since you won't need to spend 8 resources on X-Wings, but it will reduce your damage potential.

Just started playing about 2 months ago and came up with this myself, so I hope it works well or it's at least entertaining!

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