Dutch Nationals Top 8 + Belgium Nationals2 Top 4

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lanoix 94

For Dutch Nationals, I had 2 Nightsister Coven, 2 Feel your anger, +1 Force Illusion and +1 By Any Means in place of 2 Frighten, 2 OverConfidence and 2 In The Crosshairs. Win by mill against Ezra/Yoda/Rey1, Hero Vehicles, Aphra/DJ/Droid, and by kill against Kylo/Snoke and Snoke/Ciena/Jawa. Lost 3 times against one same deck (Ezra/Yoda/Rey1 - top1), swiss + top8. I saw that Nightsister Coven was nearly a dead card, because it was not the first thing to play in a round. Where Frighten is a killer card against shield deck.

At Belgian nationals, win by mill against 1 I don't remember, by kill against Aphra/DJ/Droid and Ezra/Yoda/Wookie, by time (damages) against Ezra/Yoda/Rey1. Lost in swiss against Thrawn/Talzin (top4), and Cad/Snoke. Then did 2-1 (by kill) against the same Cad/Snoke in top 8. Then lost 2 times in top 4 against Talzin/Commandos (top 1).

"Sadly" it was a night idea before the first tournament, I did not had time to play test it. A lot of players did not saw the point of interest of the deck, but it's in fact extremely powerful. 100% odd means you are sure about Talzin's effect and With Magic heal. If you have your battlefield, playing against a slower deck, you'll get one removal each turn. Then, you often get dices on the pool that present 2 damages or 1 dicard. Meaning your opponent has to choose between losing 3 cards or taking 4 damages. Or control both dices. And you do that each turn. While you can control your opponent's dices.

How to play it? You need to learn how to play against each opponent. You need to know when it's better to discard or do damages, who you have to target. You also need to learn what you have to Vandalize in each deck, and if you will be able to claim or not. In your first hand, you have to hard mulligan for a Streetwise ; this card will save you one ressources per round.

It's really fun to play, with a lot of strategy, and it's quite original. It misses something to continue doing damages when Snoke is left alone. Maybe like an Heilroom lightsaber. Now, let's analyze if the adventure can continue with Accross The Galaxy :-)


Piffo 67

first of all, thank you for sharing! this decklist is extremely interesting. for sure what it might enjoy is 1-2 redeploy weapons, possibly ranged - in fringe turns, where talzin or greedo die, they might jump to snoke. I like the concept of shifting attention between own charachters. it makes it harder for the opponent. the issue is that Talzin there is a big boogeyman - once she is gone, it's tough.

the BEAST 1014

You'll probably want to add some Energy Bows. I think you could still include a couple of evens such as Chance Cube and Donderbus Blaster Pistol or Holdout Blaster.