Villain Leaders - Control Deck, built to counter Darth Vader

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Villain Leaders - Control Deck, built to counter Darth Vader 2 1 0 1.0
Inspiration for
Anti-Vader - 3-1 on local tournament 2 0 0 1.0

Pokeplaya 14

It primarily uses Snoke to generate resources, and then uses Tarkin's power action and the two dice to generate damage. It uses Outpost, Grand Moff, and New Orders + Claiming, as I have some speed up cards (force speed, tactical mastery) to claim as much as possible to counter Darth Vader's dice.

Due to the wording on the Carbon-freezing Chamber, this nullifies any anti-mitigation that Vader might have (retribution + his power action); there is also lots of mitigation included, in case he rolls a four or something, and/or you're playing against another deck.


outro 151

Why the Sith Holocron ?

Pokeplaya 14

Zero cost die as the point is to spam as many dice out as possible (for Dark Empowerment, Anger, and Tarkin's power action). You want as many blanks and specials showing for Dark Empowerment, and Tarkin's Power Action. Ideally you can use Tarkin's power action for blanks and then focus some of Snoke/Tarkin's dice to a couple of 2 indirect sides. Lastly, if you're tight on resources (not been rolling Tarkin's resource or having to mitigate a lot) you can special another ability on a character (it cheats ability requirements, Force Speed on Tarkin) and then drop it back on next turn.