Get Shorty (Mill) 5-0 Jawa Open 2018 Perth

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stranglebat 768

Pretty untested but worked well.

R1 eLuke3/eEzra2/BTL

R2 eKylo2/e7th SIster/Solidarity

R3 eQuigon2/eYoda/Bitter Rivilry

R4 eRex/Cody/Clone

R5 eYoda/Cassian/Anakin

Repluse was pretty dead in such a heavy mono field and scrap heap was ok but not great. Build was pretty untested but has potential to be decent

Rebel with lying in wait and loose ends in the discard is insane though. Additionally the Battlefield usually clipped between 4 to 7 cards so it felt well worth taking if you in the roll.


Ramin2-D2 525

maybe Double Dealing over the Scrap Heap?

Oeklampadius 1

I have tried a similar deck but I used chance cubes; is there a reason you didn’t include them?

amustoe 47

you could use determination to resolve Qi'Ras 2s and 3s as discard?

stranglebat 768

Hey sorry i just noticed that i had a Force Jump instead of Hyperspace Jump number 2.

@Ramin2-D2 Double Dealing was there originally but i cut it after i cut the Force Jump. Scrap Heap was definately average if pulled after r1 as games only went for approximately 4 rounds it struggled to make much value. I would consider Chance Cubes or Well Connected

@Oeklampadius Chance cubes were definately considered and are likely right. I had removed them so i could keep tempo up as having the battlefield usually shaves an entire round off the game. Since i never needed to Buyout for more than 2 I'm not sure if the massive buyout plan is needed but it definitely should be explored.

@amustoe There isn't enough focus in the deck to justify that inclusion. The only reason it is a staple in older decks like Riekan is because they have a huge amount of focus sides and they had trouble clearing the hand Somce Qi'ra has discards and we can use lying in wait, that problem has gone away,

alesk1978 8

Why not Leia3 insetad of Qi'Ra and add Deja Vu?

alesk1978 8

Nevermind, I saw why

Ikuni 1

Theed Royal Palace - Naboo could be useful with a Buy Out to mill the same amount as Occupied City - Lothal at the end of the game possibly. You would also be gaining extra actions.

stranglebat 768

@Ikuni agreed that it can net you the same mill value but theed if the opponent gets it ramps them where as OC doesnt really do anything to us. It also does force the opponent to hold back a little rather than swarm the board with dice