BAMBO LEYOOOOO ! LANDO LEIAAAA ! (4-2 at French nationals)

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Strog 675

Here is the mill deck I managed to run at French nationals, finishing at 4-2 and not making the cut. I lost to Cad Bane/Snoke and Tacos who had a strong start that i couldn't stop.

The strength of the deck is Lando 4-ressources side which makes great mill play combined with stealthy. If your opponent can't slow down your plan, you can generally mill him turn 3.

As you can see with this composition you can finally use your dusty stealthy legendary from your binder !

The weakness of the deck is the absence of strong 0-cost removal for yellow and red. If you could play hidden motiv and pacify in this deck it would be nuts.

Hope every mill lover would try it and enjoy.

Waiting for your returns :)


Icezox 7

Hi Strog. I knew you would use that name. How did it work on the thrawn Snoke wave? Did you play any? Congrats for the 4-2 and see you tomorrow.

pasrap 1

That deckname is the funniest in the history of this game

Strog 675

@Icezox unfortunately I didn't get the chance to fight one of those decks. I know I would have only a few chance against it if they run any grand moff but only 2 out of 11 included it in their lists, so may be I could have make it through, we will never know ^^

Schlizzer 80

build this one myself and really likeing it. I think you should take Occupied City - Lothal as Battlefield. also i'm using scout and mend to get more red cards. Kylo isn't a thing right now, but who knows...

Strog 675

As I always say, if you play mill you may only use Otoh Gungan. Mill is a defensive type of playing and you control you opponent most of the time so you are not claiming frequently. I've sein too many mill players trying to use mill battlefield and loose their own keycards. It is never a good idea. On the opposite healing for 1 is never usefull for your opponent and then when you start claiming it is because you have only one character left alive and you no longer need to mill him.

Concerning scout, I just hate that upgrade so much. I understand that concern about kylo2 but finally his ability can fail while snoke's cannot so I choose to build without worrying about it.

I will continue to upgrade this deck and gain a maximum of skill playing it as I will maybe run it at regionals, we'll see :)

Fduff7 1

Bamboleo bambolea Porque mi vida yo la prefiero vivir así :)

It should be so great to have his full hand raped every turn ^^ Good I did not face you at the French.

larsen67 147

Is one Hyperspace Jump enough ?

I'm sad I didn't met you in Nationals. Perhaps for the Regionals.

Strog 675

As you are slow it is difficult to place à good jump at the start. This card is mainly for end game. If you drap it too early, discard without hesitation and rebel it when you need :)

Hope we'll meet at regionals too :)

inquistorsz 2

Interesting deck. I played a lot of Leia Cassian last set, and I'm testing Jyn now.

With regards to Rebel, how would you play that mid-late game when Leia dies? I find that with Leia/Cass, people have a choice of who to kill first, but in this case, surely Leia is always the first target?

Seems like C3PO is going to have to do a lot of work if Leia dies.

Interesting idea, though I think I'll try it out.
I've found Retreat is also pretty handy especially against vehicle or slower decks.

Strog 675

I tried Leia/Cassian too before ATG came out and loved it. It is a way faster deck as your sides are much more the same and in this one I played double jump and retreat. Retreat is certainly a good card and cheaper than jump but I think that the jump is still better in Lando/Leia because it stops the round and in many case your opponents would have dice in their pools because your are not fast enough.

As you said Leia is definitely the first target, your primary objective is too keep her alive until round 3. First aid is 99% sure to hit for 4 damage then :) As you know that everyone will focus Leia you can play your upgrades without hesitation on Lando and then he would have the discard side for Rebel. There are also C3PO and Anakin pod which is definilety insane for 1 ressource. And then later you will overwrite stealthy with a second chance seeing the expression on your opponent face instantly changing :)

Indeed the weakness is if you did not draw C3PO and Leia dies too fast. The difficulty is the manage of control at the begining of the game. First round is key as always ^^

Bigode 1

Mill is a mistake in the game.

Strog 675

@Bigode well I'm sorry you don't like it

Icezox 7

I find it realy strange. The rules of the game makes mill à viable strategy and an alternative way of playing. As for me I don't play often mill but I like to play against it. It makes you think and stress in an other way wich is interresting. Personaly OTK is a much more mistake in the game. @Strog your Quira Unkar was mad see you next week

Leddon75 139

Stealthy OP !

Bloody_9 14

Thoughts about adding N-1 Starfighter? You can use Lando's ability and its a pretty good counter to Armored Reinforcement decks?

Strog 675

N-1Starfighter is cheaper with Lando's ability and it is very interesting. Clearly it could be a good call if you're afraid of those vehicules everywhere ^^ I was not afraid of those but considering it a one-off as Vandalize to give your deck 2 support-removal is an option yes :)