Mama Got Grievous a Wheel Bike for XMas!

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Darth_JarJar - CloudCityCasuals 317

What started as a Meme turned into a really fun deck to play! BT-1 and Climate Disruption Array are really good cards since they guarantee damage, well General Grievous' Wheel Bike with 2 Laser Cannon guarantees 4 indirect a round. so Mulligan for those laser cannons and use the plot for the Bike and you are set. That indirect damage adds up quickly. 1 cost upgrades are included to have a Grievous power action as a backup, Force Illusion and Witch Magick add extra health, and Nexus Of Power helps resolve modified sides since I'm running mixed damage in the deck.

I recently went 4-0 in locals and this deck was a blast to play!

eRex - Clone Captain/Clone Trooper/Maz Kanata - Pirate Queen - W

eCad Bane - Vicious Mercenary/eSnoke - Supreme Leader - W

eBala-Tik - Gang Leader/eMother Talzin - Nightsister Matriarch/First Order Stormtrooper- W

eDarth Vader - Terror To Behold/Jawa Scavenger(Retribution) - W

As always comments and criticisms are welcome!


Lord_Moldywart 1

Yes! My favourite kind of deck. Kooky and effective!

Lord_Moldywart 1

And live the idea of guns attached to vehicles. Someday I’m gonna get around to a Sebulba Podracer modified deck.

Scactha 856

Very innovative and cool :) There´s a Mad Max vibe imagining Grievous racing across the wasteland, guns blazing and Talzin hanging in the back screeching curses. Love it!

LowjjLow 2

Can you play vehicle mod on Grievous?!

Darth_JarJar - CloudCityCasuals 317

@Lord_Moldywart Same! I love making shenanigans work. And i haven't messed much with Sebulbas Podracer, but that comment got me thinking.

@Scactha Thanks and that's awesome! I kinda want that made as a fan art on a playmat now.

@LowjjLow unfortunately you can't put mods on Grievous, that would be funny though. But you can on his Wheel Bike since it's classified as a Support - Vehicle

flyingdadbomb 339

I've been looking for a way to utilize the Wheel Bike in the AtG meta. After rotation, it's going to be the only Villain re-ready for a support, which is huge, so this is really nice.

I will say that you should probably consider a Triple Laser Turret. Fat Vehicle decks will be extra vulnerable to mitigation, so it's best to hedge your bets, even for the increased cost.

Also, have you considered Handheld L-S1 Cannon? Grievous is the only character who can hold two of those at once.

clonea32 2

@CloudCityCasuals @LowjjLow But “Modify vehicle support” is a play restriction, so wouldn’t grievous be able to put them on? Also wouldn’t that mean you can put more than one copy of a unique card on grievous because unique is a play restriction as well? (Imagine, a triple Maul’s Lightsaber wielding Greivous ((using double down of course)) and still having a slot open for something else!?!?!)

LowjjLow 2

@clonea32 exactly what I was thinking

the BEAST 1008

@clonea32``@LowjjLowModify is not a play restriction. FFG has already clarified this.

LowjjLow 2

@the BEASTThanks for the clarification

the BEAST 1008

@LowjjLowNo problem :)

the BEAST 1008

@clonea32Unique is also not a play restriction. Also, Maul's Lightsaber, General Grievous - Fearsome Cyborg, and Double Down are 3 different colors so that would be a really low damage deck.