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This is a deck I've been running since Legacies. I'm updating it again with Across the Galaxy's launch. Changes I made from my Way of the Force version were:

-2 Y-Wing

-2 Quadjumper

-1 Chopper

-1 Let the Wookie Win

-1 Into the Garbage Chute

+2 Shadow Caster

+2 Laser Cannon

+2 Systems Gauge

+1 Targeting Astromech

This newest version still needs more playtesting, but my previous version only lost 6 times out of upwards of 50 games in my local meta.


Use Yoda - Wizened Master's sides to fix your other dice and give yourself s and s. Early in the game, use Yoda to chain into Hera Syndulla - Phoenix Leader's to play free vehicles. I prefer playing Hailfire Droid Tank with this combo for the surprise activation and because it allows you to ping your opponent for an each times it's played. Maz Kanata - Pirate Queen's ability and sides are great for resolving dice that you think your opponent might mitigate if left in your pool.

Early and mid game, Caution is a great way to keep Hera and Yoda alive by eating Maz's dice. Field Medic will also allow you to squeeze a little bit more time out of your characters. Pacify is great because it can be used defensively for the extra s or offensively as removal when an opponent rolls well. Hidden Motive is cheap removal in a deck where your s are going to your supports and Pinned Down is awesome because you'll always be able to meet the "spot a vehicle" criteria.

N-1 Starfighter is AT-ST lite for heroes. Its is superb against other vehicle decks and can be reached quickly by chaining with Yoda. U-Wing is another awesome target for Hera's if you have no Hailfire Droid Tanks in your hand early on and can be devastating both offensively and defensively. I'm considering dropping one U-Wing for a cheap vehicle (maybe the new Black One). Tech Team and Rally Aid are both crucial for saving you s to help you hard-cast expensive vehicles mid game. Because Yoda is usually your opponent's first target, R2-D2 and C-3PO can be used to fix your dice once he's gone.


I replaced 2 Y-Wings with 2 Shadow Casters. The Shadow Caster's damage sides are insane. It has no sides and still has a side to make up for the disrupt potential of Y-Wing's . I was finding that I wasn't reliably pulling off the Quadjumper combo with Hera's so I removed both of those in favor for 2 Laser Cannons. The Laser Cannons will help cut the cost sides of the Shadow Caster's dice and they hand out free every turn. I removed Chopper, Let The Wookiee Win, and Into The Garbage Chute as sources of dice removal and added 2 Systems Gauges. They're more straightforward removal and make Shadow Caster even better. I also added a Targeting Astromech because its important to reliably hit your vehicles big damage sides. I'm contemplating adding R2 Astromech, BB-8, or Dorsal Turret somehow, but need to playtest more.


comradedickbutt 72

Love it, been playing this deck forever. Haven't thought yet about how AtG changes it though. I'm always torn between trying to push out vehicles legitimately and cheating them out with Hera's special. I love getting out a U-Wing on turn 1 though and every die side is great. Have you considered running any of the Falcons in your deck? They're great resource generators in addition to their damage output. I also run Strategic Plannings and sometimes a Reckless Re-entry depending on how many of the no-blank vehicles I'm running.


@comradedickbutt After the first turn or two, I find myself ignoring Hera’s ability mostly. I prefer hard-casting when I can. I was heavily considering Millennium Falcon and Escape Craft while making changes with AtG cards. If I went that route I’d probably drop an N-1 and a U-Wing. I used to run Strategic Planning but it got squeezed out at some point. I wanna make R2 Astromech work but I think Strategic Planning is just a better choice.