5-1 Pax unplugged trilogy top 3 non armored reinforcement

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None. Self-made deck here.
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Leia & Lando sitting in a tree M-I-L-L-I-N-G (Top 8 Perth Re 4 3 5 1.0

runningonion 741

The primary thought behind the deck is that Leia can power action landos 4 side for 4 cards off the top of a deck, and Stealthy does the same.

I packed a bunch of vehicle hate to kill or stall Shadow Caster.

I may provide a more detailed tournament report later, here are the basics

  1. win vs han3/poe2
  2. win vs eng/eng/el337
  3. loss vs snoke/aphra/battledroid
  4. win vs eyoda/gungan/l337
  5. win vs eyoda/gungan/l337
  6. win vs eyoda/gungan/l337

I had a lot of fun. all of my oponnents we're very cordial despite playing vs mill.

I took a standard version to a pod, where I want 3-0, vs Cass/jyn twice and snoke/thrawn once.

I think the concept has potential.

Update: I played again on sunday with this list, with a few minor modifications:

  • N-1
  • Dangerous Maneuver
  • Scrap heap
  • Karabast

I may have the ordering wrong here, the games get blurry in memory.

  1. loss vs eYoda/eLeia
  2. win vs equigon2/eyoda/bitter rivalry
  3. win vs ejyn/ecass
  4. win vs evader/jawa
  5. win vs esnoke/vader/bitter rivalry
  6. loss vs esnoke/sebulba/battledroid/bitter rivalry

I didn't get the matchup i was looking for (shadow caster), however i was still pleased with how the deck played. I think there was some bad luck to draw 3 bitter rivalry matchups as mill, however it did allow me to win game 5 by killing both characters, in what will be one of my most memorable games ever.

Again thanks to all of my opponents for the good games.


GregtheBiz 379

You da MAN!!!! Lost to this mill by 1 card in the local, mill vs. mill. Stealthy on turn 1 is a true KILLER!! Congrats buddy!

JeffLawST 1

dude this is amaaaazing love it

smerle 861

All the Yodas, Snokes, Engineers...ever thought about Improvised Defense?

allenirish66 3

Great list and a great ass beating you gave me. I seriously wanted to pack it in after this game hahahahaha congrats on the finish man

flyingdadbomb 339

Why no Commando Raid? I saw this deck at a local tourney take down Snoke-Thrawn with a Leia PA on Lando's 4 side and then a Commando Raid on Leia's double discard - all on round one. Game was over at that point.

smerle 861

@flyingdadbomb T R I LO G Y

flyingdadbomb 339

@smerle your friends probably love you.

runningonion 741

Thanks for the feedback.
I think commando raid is an obvious include in a standard version, along with a few other cards like second chance and field medic. Smuggling Freighter is a cool include in standard, because with the lando PA it becomes a better chance cube.

As far as improvised defense, I think it's a perfectly reasonable include, depending on the meta you expect to face.