Ciena Resets Las Vegas Regional 2nd Place

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P0em 381

Lost to Agent of Zion in the final by 2hp. The deck is basically an otk deck. It spikes well and is pretty consistent. Almost every one of my losses happened when an Atst blew up my Vader’s Fist or Firespray. I love Ciena and I’m glad I was able to do so well with her.

The goal of the deck is fairly straightforward. Build up a loaded up Firespray or Dooku Sailer then get several resets in a single round. If you have some stored focus on Dark Counsel or Snoke before activating Dooku Sailer then you can focus it to the money, allowing you to ensure and additional reset. Dooku ship activation allows you to draw a card, which can be used to discard to reroll to find focus or money.


cjfm 35

Congrats on the finish! Love the list. Quick question: why did you cu oose Risky Move with its spot reqirement? Doubt? (Too awful v Vader?)

ferrsabs 78

I am running a similar deck but instead of doubledown on firesprays I use Armored reinforcement so I can guaranteed get my firespray out and have more deck space for removal options.the friends in high seems to be poor at times because the best thing you are getting is unique or a mod

P0em 381

Friends in High won me a lot of games. The removal suite is up for debate, especially because a lot of the time they were grand moffed out of my hand.

Tajerik Ri 30

I would maybe remove one Count Dooku's Solar Sailer and add one Senate Chamber just to remove a dead 2nd copy and possibly get the focus/mitigation of that ability.

P0em 381

Dooku Sailer creates a near infinite loop. If anything I’d add one more.

P0em 381

My one regret was taking out Dorsal Turrets for Dark Counsel. My thinking was that Dank Counsel could help me set up some disgusting amounts of Ciena resets with its card draw and focus to money on my cubes, but because I cut dorsal, my ships were loaded up enough to justify my resets

P0em 381

*weren’t loaded

Entourage Gaming - Lanza 357

Like it

Agent Of Zion 377

Well played, and exceptionally well piloted. Had I not been exposed to the deck by testing with you prior, I have no doubt you would have wiped the floor with me.

mattistyping 167

This deck is bonkers. @P0em knocked me out in the Top 4 of this event, and having never seen this deck in action it was a nasty surprise. This thing definitely has some legs, and I'm going to be experimenting with it myself.

Overall it was a fantastic series, and @P0em really knows his way around this thing. It was a great Bo3 overall and it was a pleasure to meet him and get rekt by his deck.

tekmav9 54

Definitely well played @P0emguessing the AT-ST was the only thing that hurt or slowed you down in this tourney

P0em 381

I lost 1 game to Matt with his Jyn/Cassian, first turn cannon and quick kill on Ciena. Every other game I lost is when ATST hit the table and wiped out Vader’s Fist and/or Firespray. I had a 60ish percent chance to remove an ATST die with a roll off with my Vader’s Fist in the match that I lost by 2 to Zion and lost the roll off, sacrificing 3 dmg showing. He then focused it to special and destroyed my Firespray. I have never been a fan of Overconfidence and it’s on my you know what list for the foreseeable future. Clearly I have to run some counters to ATST like Rocket Launcher, Cunning, EMP, Disable or my own ATST.

demorenan 30

Glad that I was one of the first to see this deck working. I really believed in that setup potential and now you got second place. Good Work Poem! Really happy for you.