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niftynick 475

Hey guys, Nick from T3 back again with another mono-colored vehicle deck! I liked these characters a lot in Solo so this was a fun one to make. (Thematic pairings are my jam!) A previous iteration of this has already been featured in a T3 video, but this updated version will be in a video coming soon! I'll link it when it's up.

Lando makes bank, L3 is phenomenal for focus, and the vehicles here are destructive once you start resolving them more than once per round.

This one is going to be less consistent than my Iden/Mauler list because we don't get Armored Reinforcement and the characters aren't as aggressive, but there's decent odds to get a threatening vehicle out early. And really, I'd like to think it's more Lando's style to gamble on it a little!

The plan is simple: make money, play vehicles, play mods, reset your vehicles to finish off your opponent with Through The Pass and N-1 Starfighter's , and live long enough for them to do the work. The N-1 is secretly one of the best cards in the list, giving you plenty of versatility to reset or blow up your opponent's vehicles.

The hardest part was determining how to get L3 defeated first. I ending up dedicating four cards to that goal: 2 Karabast! and 2 Decoys. Karabast is solid for moving damage for free and Decoy is a neat little card with super morbid art. I went for it over Impersonate because Decoy can 'overkill' L3 and waste our opponent's damage, which is nice when it works.

Like I said, it's not a perfect plan. If you don't see a vehicle early enough, you probably won't keep up on damage. Additionally, this a fragile duo. Even with Second Chances this list can struggle to stay alive for more than a couple rounds, which is why the emphasis is more on using big vehicles more than once per round instead of trying to flood the board with vehicles over a long match.

That's all for this one. It's definitely more of a fun/thematic list than anything hyper competitive but I've been having a blast with it! Hopefully you enjoy it and as always let me know if you have any questions or ideas to change it up :)


STTbear 1

hi this is kai awesome deck nick!!:)

amustoe 47

Got some Landos last week and have been mulling a Lando L3 deck, then saw your video! Love all the T3 content- keep it up!

What do you think about cunning to copy the N-1 special? More activations baby!