Pax Unplugged 6-0 Thrawn Snoke On The Hunt Gaming

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Best Jrod NA 264

the following deck helped me acquire 6-0 at Pax Unplugged this weekend beating two yoda/boosh two thraw/Snoke a Han/ Biggs and an OTK deck. This deck was built to edge out vs the mirror yoda decks and OTK decks.I want to thank every Opponent I faced at pax for the great match ups.Shout out to all the guys from On the Hunt who helped me test and refine the deck leading up to it!

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TheReal_St.Nick 1

Straight fire. Literally the full power of the empire at your fingertips

LordScourge 17

Great job Jeff! Store champ ☑️ GQ ☑️ Next up Regionals! #onthehunt

iceman22 1

Grats! Was your 4th Tie fighter in the shop for repairs?

The_y_factor_ 1

Nope it was vandalized ..