Jyn/Cassian 6-0 PAX Unplugged Trilogies Event 11/30

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JREldis 51

Went 6-0 with this list at PAX Unplugged in the Friday Trilogy event. This pairing is an absolute blast and it worked better than I could have hoped for.

Brief thoughts on the deck and changes I am testing:

1) Running Theed Royal Palace - Naboo (because it's too damn good), even though I never once played on my battlefield because the shields were too important or because my opponent chose theirs, this seems like a solid default battlefield that I can take advantage of immediately and ideally hold on to all game.

2) +1 Vandalize, -1 Well-Connected. Vandalize is too important in this format/meta to not maximize on, as killing mods off of Shadow Caster is crucial. It's not likely to ever be possible to kill the Shadow Caster outright, but if so that's just gravy. While the Well-Connected resource is helpful, if we're on Theed (which is probable) that helps with the resource hungriness of this deck.

3) Right now I'm enjoying the 1-of's in the deck; Bubble Shield is 3 health in most matchups, Mend can be a late-game savior, and Way of the Light will almost always have a relevant target. Rex's Blaster Pistol has great sides and can add speed in tighter, aggressive matchups. Hunting Rifle is a nice cheap upgrade to get overwritten by one of the bigger/better ones eventually. With Well-Connected becoming a one-of, I think it will serve well in a pinch for an extra dollar, but I'll see if I really miss having 2 in the deck.

I will most likely have an official write-up for the event sometime next week.


Dapper421 1

What were your matchups?? Thanks for the writeup!

Stephilmike 22

With all of the Shadow Caster's running around on Friday I was fascinated to hear the a Jyn/Cassian won. Congratulations! Honestly, I doubted it could do well without Hit and Run, Quick Draw, Commando Raid, etc. but clearly I was wrong!

JREldis 51

`@Dapper421 Over the day I saw Snoke/Aphra/BD 3 times, Vader eTalzin, eYoda/Gungan/L3, and L3/RE/RE.

@Stephilmike I definitely dodged some bullets by seeing it only twice over the tournament. It's a very scary deck! I was busy facing all the Snoke/Aphra/BD lists instead lol