The Moff - Las Vegas Regional Winner |

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Thrawn Snoke Vancouver Regional Top 4 2 0 0 1.0

Artificery 1956

Nothing fancy or controversial here, the pairing and every card contained within are battle tested and proven to be effective.

The only things I would consider to be worth debating about are the 2x Stifle, the second AT-ST, and the lack of Imposing Presence but I had my reasons which were partially based on playstyle.

Full tournament report going up shortly on

Round 1: Snoke/Thrawn 0-1

Round 2: Vader/FOST 0-2

Round 3: Vader3/Greedo 1-2

Round 4: Vader3/Greedo 2-2

Round 5: Luke3/Leia2 (Mill) - 3-2

Round 6: eSnoke/eCienna/BD 4-2

Top 8 : Thrawn/Snoke (Round 1 Rematch) 2-1

Top 4: Luke3/Rey2 2-0

Finals: eSnoke/Bazine/Cienna/Double Down 2-1 (


staylor598 451

Great job at the event, Zion. It was great to meet you and your wife. I was most impressed that you went from 0-2 to not lose another match.

Agent Of Zion 366

@staylor598 It was awesome to meet you too! The glib thing to say is that I'm glad I got the losses knocked out early, but in the top 8 a huge part of it was quite simply pairings working in my favor.

Social Enemy 122

I guess I don't understand the point of Grand Moff. Thrawn is everyone's target and it's rare for him to survive past round 2.

Agent Of Zion 366

@RevengeofNewtonRare is subjective. There are quite a few decks that struggle to apply more than 4 damage to Thrawn round 1, which is where Grand Moff shines.

The overall point is that several decks have multiple high-quality events that you want to clear out of their hand. Hyperspace Jump is the big one, but also Retreat Synchronicity Bait and Switch The Price of Failure Beguile Impulsive and others. Basically, anything that can introduce very large swings in the game that doesn't also cost 1 (as the standard call).

krez 579

Congrats! How was The Best Defense...? I feel like it's a bit counterproductive to the Moff variant.

Social Enemy 122

@krez you use the best defense on the Battle Droid that spawns from Separatist Landing Craft

Agent Of Zion 366

@krez There are a few situations where it's awesome. Using it on the Battle Droid is bonkers, but lets say you hidden motive a Darth Vader die, then after they Power Action use TBD. Getting out of the round with just three damage is amazing there.