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PoolParty1990 212

Leave your dice at home! They aren’t needed here. This deck is all about damage out of hand and using your opponents dice against them!

Cards considered but not included: It Will All Be Mine, I Am Your Father, Ammo Reserves, Opening Volley, No Survivors, Pretty much anything that does damage without dice.


Theroyalfalcon 1

Any reason you didn't include Deadly?

PoolParty1990 212

@Theroyalfalcon because you need to remove a die to deal the damage. I wanted there to be zero need for dice.

Gaute&Filip 16

I love the Idea of this deck. Have you concidered switching the executioner for Ciena or Nute, to be able to Leadership.

the BEAST 1008

@Gaute&FilipLeadership is poor value if you're only gonna roll one dice.

Theroyalfalcon 1

@the BEAST Leadership seems reasonable since it gives you another shot at triggering Kylo's effect for 2 damage.

PoolParty1990 212

Hmmmm... I haven’t thought of that @Gaute&Filip but I love that idea. Might have to go all in 2 Leadership and 2 Price of Failure lol

Theroyalfalcon 1

Nute also has a slightly annoying passive effect that doesn't need how dice to be doing anything

Darth Porgus 13

Maybe put in Power of the Dark Side and Chance Cube. Roll in chance cube and use power of the dark side. Which means you will get resources or a blank(Which in the case you get to do unblockable damage.).